This cleanroom grade air purifier functions as a headboard, allowing you to sleep in a completely pure bubble of air

Sitting at the intersection of ingenious design and complex engineering, the AirTulip is an air purifier that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The AirTulip Sleep is a high-powered air purifier that’s designed as a headboard, fitting seamlessly into the decor of your home. It comes with a soft, cushiony exterior that’s comfortable to rest against, but underneath its surface is a medical-grade laminar flow purifier that purifies the air you breathe in a way that your regular air purifier cannot. This type of airflow has only ever been used in clinical and laboratory settings – until now. The AirTulip Sleep brings revolutionary technology into the home for the very first time, enveloping you in an invisible cocoon of completely clean air as you sleep.

Designer: Arjen de Jong

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To understand the AirTulip Sleep, it’s essential to first understand the technology behind it, a unique type of airflow called laminar flow. Imagine your regular air purifier. It sucks dirty air in through its rear and pushes out clean air through the front. The clean air mixes with the air in your room, and gradually over time, the dirty air is replaced with clean air. The key word here is ‘gradually’. Laminar air flow works differently. It creates a chamber of clean air that doesn’t mix with the dirty air. Sort of like two layers of atmosphere laminated over each other, laminar flow systems create instant clean air pockets that can exist on their own, without mixing with the contaminated or dust-filled air. This works rather well in cleanrooms in medical labs, operating rooms, hospitals, and even scientific facilities that require a sterile environment. AirTulip brings that technology to the bedroom.

By integrating laminar flow into its slim, retrofittable headboard design, the AirTulip Sleep effectively creates a bubble of clean air around you as you sleep. It doesn’t ‘blow’ air, as one would suspect, but rather simply outputs clean air without creating a breeze that affects your ambient room temperature or your ability to sleep. The clean air hovers around you, preventing ‘unclean’ air around the room from even reaching you. Meanwhile, the AirTulip Sleep works silently, purifying the air in your room up to 99.9997% (thanks to its medical-grade ULPA filters), indicating absolute air purity.

Everything You Need – Built-in wireless charging for your smartphone, ambient lighting, reading lamps, power outlets, USB charging, and convenient storage.

Ambient Lighting – The AirTulip Sleep offers beautiful lighting and fully adjustable reading lights.

Track Your Own Sleep Quality – Integrated your favorite wearables (at the moment Apple Watch, Fitbit, Oura Ring, and Garmin Fitness Watches).

Dual Zone Heating & Cooling – Temperature can be individually controlled between -7°F cooler and +7°F warmer than the bedroom itself.

As impressive as the laminar air purifier is, what really makes the AirTulip Sleep worthy of praise in a design magazine is its sheer creative implementation. The AirTulip Sleep is designed to look and function exactly like a padded headboard. It fits on all standard bed sizes, and comes in a variety of colors to match your room’s decor. In a world where purifiers are just about trying to shake their image as industrial-looking appliances by opting for sleeker designs, the AirTulip Sleep practically disappears into your room’s decor, serving its main purpose in an invisible manner while making your bed look infinitely classy. Beyond that, the AirTulip offers unique thermoregulating features, allowing you to simultaneously cool and warm different halves of the bed for his and her preferences. Moreover, it also works in tandem with your Apple Watch to provide sleep-tracking insights! For people looking to customize the AirTulip experience further, the company offers add-on specifications including ambient lighting, storage, reading lamps, and charging ports. Depending on where you are, the AirTulip Sleep comes with its own plug to match your country’s socket shape and power requirements, and starts at a low early-bird price of $999.

Click Here to Buy Now: $999 $1470 (32% off). Hurry, only 3/5 left! Raised over $115,000.