This smart shoe closet keeps bad odor away while easily merging with your home furniture

A must-have shoe closet that keeps your dirty, smelly shoes in the moist months of the year free from any germ build-up and the dreaded smell that is so hard to get rid of.

I’m sure, there isn’t a soul on this planet who likes dirty smelly shoes – they are so gross, to say the least. More so in the rainy and moist seasons of the year when after a hard day’s work you don’t feel like taking them off – they smell so bad. And when you want to wear them the next day, the situation is even worse – that smell just won’t go even if you wash them with detergent. Since sanitation has been such a hype in the last year or so, why not have a dedicated sanitization appliance that keeps smelly shoes as fresh as new?

Meet the COMODO shoe closet that doubles as a pouf to sit on while you wear your freshly cleansed pair of sneakers for the weekend basketball game. The name is derived from the Spanish word “Cómodo” which means convenient and pleasant in Spanish. Design Studio Designer Dot and designer Hyeona Cho have ideated a cool shoe closet loaded with new-age sanitization tech to keep your pair of shoes moisture-free and free from any bacterial or fungal build-ups.

Taking inspiration from modern multifunctional furniture that has compactness and minimalism at its core, the shoe closet solves a very basic but important purpose. I still can’t get the smelly memories of those damn shoes in the monsoon season – ever the more reason for me (and perhaps all of you) to take a keen interest in this conceptual product that needs to see the light of day pretty soon in the future.

The much-wanted appliance comes with HEPTA filter (seen on most air purifiers), UV lamp (for effective germ protection) and scent filter (to make you want to wear those shoes) – and not dread wearing them each time in the morning. The flexible air shoetree gives the user option to place the shoes as desired, and also makes them comfortable to take out. The touch display gives all the options to tinker around with the UV cleaning, drying and fragrance options. Would I want to have this smart shoe closet in my living room? Absolutely yes!

Designer: Designer Dot and Hyeona Cho