The key to an organized wardrobe lies in just having a better designed hanger

I imagine YD sees at least 5 hanger redesigns each year, each better than the previous one, either improving on its strength, its eco-friendliness, or its function. I said these very words exactly a year ago as we featured the first edition of the Hurdle Hanger. the first edition of Hurdle Hanger (Hurdle Hanger for Pants) aimed at being the best way to organize/hang your pants. The Hurdle Hanger 1.0 could hang pants in a way that conserved space, saved loads of time, and kept the pants wrinkle-free. This version, however, is designed to be more all-encompassing. Designed to be what Collabo Space claims to be the most hassle-free hanger ever, the Hurdle Hanger lets you hang everything from shirts to pants, scarves, and belts in mere seconds. It’s the classic example of how form often follows function in a way that’s so nuanced that it allows the Hurdle Hanger to look slightly different from other hangers, but be remarkably better at what it does.

Most hangers aren’t really consciously designed because they always play second fiddle to the most important items in the wardrobe… the clothes. The Hurdle Hanger, on the other hand, is conscientiously designed to make sure it supports and protects the clothes you wear. It comes with a slightly deformed, asymmetric design that gives it strength as well as the ability to hold all your clothes. Its unique form lets you slide shirts and tees into it in a mere second, without stretching the neck-hole. The same form gives the Hurdle its ability to easily hold scarves, as well as easily hang pants from. A larger loop (the c-type hook) on one end of the hanger even supports belts, letting you hang them by the buckle. The Hurdle Hanger’s design promotes easy, universal hanging in a way that quickly helps you keep your wardrobe organized, while slip-resistant strips on the hanger ensure that your clothes never slide off by accident. The hanger’s design even elevates most clothes by 2-3 more inches than other hangers, giving you more space on shelves to store folded clothes.

Hurdle Hanger achieves all this thanks to good design + engineering, along with the use of ABS in its construction… a recyclable thermoplastic known for strength and durability used for products ranging from protective headgear to Lego bricks. All this combined gives Hurdle Hanger the ability to last longer than conventional hangers while also hanging all your clothes easily, swiftly, and neatly!

Designer: Swen Hong of Collabo Space

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Hurdle Hanger – The One Second Hanger

The Hurdle Hanger is an all-purpose hanger designed to help you organize clothes quickly and easily.

6 Reasons Why Hurdle Hanger

1. Prevents the Neckline from Stretching. The design helps prevent the neckline of your tops from stretching. Now you can hang your favorite shirts, even turtlenecks, with ease.

2. Quick & Easy To Use. Whether it be tops or bottoms, you can hang your clothes effortlessly.

3. Optimal For Both Clothes & Accessories. Organize both clothes and related accessories neatly.

4. Saves More Space. Hurdle Hanger is designed to hang clothes 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 cm) higher than most hangers in the market, creating more storage space beneath.

5. Slip-resistant. The slip-resistant strips help prevent clothes from falling off.

6. Made Of High-Quality ABS. Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), an easily recyclable high-quality thermoplastic with increased strength, rigidity, toughness, and temperature & chemical resistance. Because of these properties, ABS is widely used for making all sorts of household and consumer goods, ranging from protective headgear to Lego bricks. It won’t break unless you intentionally attempt to do so by applying excessive force.

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