This Pininfarina Racing Rig Concept might be the most Gorgeous Simulator Setup ever made

The problem with racing simulator rigs are that they aren’t designed by automotive designers, they’re designed by gamers. Most sim-racers are fairly utilitarian looking, with an almost bare-basics cockpit-inspired design focusing on real-world feel. The most aesthetic part is almost always the driver’s seat, and everything else looks like a naked chassis. Not the Pininfarina Formula though… designed by Fabio Bilotta, this concept piece brings the world of automotive art and gaming together to create a rig so unique it’ll garner stares the same way a hypercar does.

Designer: Fabio Bilotta

The Pininfarina Formula combines sleek aesthetics with user-centered functionality. Paying homage to the iconic shape of the Istanbul Air Traffic Control Tower, it embodies a blend of sophistication and dynamism. The secret to the Pininfarina Formula’s sculptural beauty lies in its meticulous material selection. Carbon fiber offers a perfect balance of strength and lightness, while reinforced plywood ensures long-lasting durability. Stainless steel adds a touch of class, and genuine leather elevates the experience with a luxurious feel.

The Pininfarina Formula models itself ergonomically on Formula 1 cars, positioning the user’s feet at shoulder height for optimal control and mimicking the posture of professional racers. But it doesn’t stop there. The setup is designed to adapt to individual needs. The pedal sledge and steering wheel housing are both fully adjustable, allowing users of all heights and preferences to find their perfect racing position.

Whether you prefer the immersive world of virtual reality or the classic experience of a traditional screen, the Pininfarina Formula caters to your taste. Its adaptable design seamlessly integrates with different gaming setups, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite racing titles in the way that suits you best. The setup comes without a wheel or pedals, giving you the ability to attach your own, based on your preferences as well as your budget… although if you’re splurging on a Pininfarina-inspired rig, is money really an object for you?!

Images via Automotive Design Planet