Clever “elevated” hanger design helps increase your wardrobe space by 15%

Spend enough time doing what I do and you’ll stop taking the design of mundane products for granted. Even something as basic as a keychain or a pencil can be redesigned to be made better and I’ll be honest… I can’t look at a regular clothes hanger anymore without noticing at least ten problems in it that can be solved through design intervention.

The COMPACT HANGER hopes to solve a problem nobody seemed to have noticed before. If you look carefully at any regular hanger, it obviously looks like a pair of shoulders, and the hook in the center comes with this neck-like aesthetic. Drape your clothes on the shoulders, and suspend the hanger from the rod in your wardrobe. Now, unless you’ve noticed this before, the hook’s neck-like aesthetic occupies a good 6-8 inches of space between the rod and your clothing… space that could be used efficiently.

Look at the Compact Hanger and you’ll notice that the hook is almost recessed into the hanger’s form… sort of like the hanger is shrugging. Drape your clothes over the Compact Hanger and suspend it in your wardrobe you’ll notice two things. A. Your clothes hang closer to the hanging rod, and B. Those 6-8 inches reappear as free space at the bottom of your wardrobe, allowing you to stack boxes, clothes, folders, appliances, or a bunch of other items, increasing your wardrobe’s storage capacity by a cool 10-15%.

Designed in Italy (a fact that doesn’t surprise me, considering how design and fashion-centric that entire country is), the Compact Hanger’s defining feature is that shrugged design. The hanger comes with an adjustable hook and three height settings, allowing you to use it in its shrugged form, but expand it to become a regular hanger with a long neck the minute you want to hang collared shirts or turtle-necks. This way, the same hanger coolly shape-shifts depending on your wardrobe, helping you carefully store your clothes while effectively helping you to increase wardrobe space too. The hanger is designed to be robust and ergonomic, allowing it to properly hold your shirts, dresses, and even heavy blazers without ruining their shape. Additionally, it comes manufactured using recycled plastic, so while it’s freeing up space in your wardrobe, it’s freeing up oceans previously polluted with plastic! Neat, eh??

Designer: Andrea Giorgi

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Compact Hanger – The World’s Most Space-Saving Hanger

Designed to make your home more organized thanks to the 3-levels adjustable hook, it perfectly fits with collared shirts.

Compact Hanger raises your clothes higher and creates new space underneath.

You can use the extra space for boxes, shoes, accessories, T-shirts etc.

Before & After

Before using the Compact Hanger.

After using the Compact Hanger.

Space Saving

Compact Hanger saves enough space to insert an extra drawer in your wardrobe.

For All Types of Clothes

Since the clothes have collars of different sizes, they have created an adjustable hook on 3 levels to adapt to the hanging garment, so that the clothes never bang on the hanger bar.

Italian Design

Ergonomic Design

They took the 5 best hangers on the market and they studied their shape alongside a dressmaker who makes Italian tailored shirts.

Strong & Recyclable

Made from recycled plastic which is less resistant than the non-recycled one. Therefore they have designed two reinforcing flaps that can make the hanger ultra-resistant.

Reversible Direction

The hanger has 3 holes both in front and behind. This way you can remove the hook and put it back in the opposite direction.

How It Works

Just press the button and pull the hook. So, if you have a pullover you can use the 3rd level. Otherwise, you can use the 1st or 2nd level.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $40 (12% off). Hurry, only 23/50 left!