‘Question Mark’ hanger cleverly captures the dilemma of not knowing what clothes to wear!

Absolutely unverifiable studies show that we spend 10 full years of our lives wondering what to wear. No, that almost certainly isn’t true (or so I hope), but everyone relates to the problem of spending long periods of time staring at a wardrobe and wondering… “What do I wear??” before having a Eureka moment and choosing the perfect outfit. The Emotion Hanger perfectly captures that internal journey!

Jinwook Lee’s Emotion Hanger is a thought bubble in the avatar of a wardrobe accessory. Its quirky design features the traditional triangular apparel-hanging design, however, its hanging hook is styled like a question mark. A question mark that rotates to turn into an exclamation mark when you select an outfit!

The way you use an Emotion Hanger is rather simple. All your outfits stay hung and organized in your wardrobe, with the ‘?’ symbol hovering right above them. In the process of selecting an outfit, you rotate the hanger’s triangular element to make the outfit face you. When you find the perfect outfit, the hanger’s ‘?’ effectively turns into a ‘!’ as a sort of exclamation that you’ve found the perfect outfit! It’s a quirky little detail that adds a wonderfully expressive touch to a mundane product… and in doing so, makes selecting outfits more fun, and the hanger more meaningful!

Designer: Jinwook Lee (THIS IS Design Studio)