Add fragrance and versatility to your wardrobe with this hanger that rotates like the hands of a clock

It’s not a great feeling when you take out a shirt hanging in the closet and it’s crushed or smelling of the washing detergent! This is not just limited to shirts, almost all our apparel go through this same ordeal. To give us an intriguing alternative to hanging clothes more seemingly, so they don’t lose their ironing, and are deodorized like the fragrance of the sky by time: Dawn, morning, evening, night; a Korean designer has conceived the Ploud.

Ploud is basically a versatile hanger, which allows you to hang clothes in two ways: Hang them as you would traditionally or fasten them conveniently. For instance shirts, pants, coats, dresses, etc can be hung as usual, while the accessories like ties, mufflers, bags, hats etc can be clipped. This interesting hanger concept is pretty different from a plethora of hangers we have seen and used in our time. This is nothing like the usual plastic, metal, wooden or travel, lingerie, dress or pant hangers out there.

Designer: SooA Choi

The Ploud features a hanger body – circular control unit – and two hanger bars – rotating arms – on either side that can rotate from being fastened together to stretch out straight on either side of the body, which has the metal hanging hook protruding on the top. The hanger design is inspired by a wall clock: the body holds the mechanics, while the bars rotate like the hands of a clock. The modified hanger arms can be used in any position in the rotating radius to accommodate a large number of essentials. So owing to its use cases and streamlined design for portability, the Ploud is one hanger for all your needs.

The hanger’s arms are interestingly designed to clip off in the middle. This space allows you to stick in a fragrance of choice and close back. You get interchangeable scent sticks you can choose to replace at any time. The bars have anti-slip rubber pads at their ends, which can be rotated up and down depending on how you’d like to use them. Ploud will not help you pick the perfect outfit or increase your wardrobe space, but the interesting hanger designed in eight different colors, will provide versatility and leave your clothes fragrant all the time. Will it eventually allow you to cut down on your perfume budget is something we’ll only know when the Ploud is a marketable product!