Modern and minimal cat-friendly products designed to help cat lovers and their pets bond better!

I wholeheartedly believe that this is a cat’s world, and we’re just living in it! If you have a cat or two, then you know that they are the true masters of our home, and we are their abiding slaves, tending to their every need, always at their beck and call. They’re the apple of our eyes, and we would do almost anything to keep them happy and comfy, including showering them with fun little pet products, that they can play around with and keep themselves busy. I’m always trying to create a comfortable and interactive living space for my own cats – from playful toys to pet-friendly furniture, I’m ready to invest them in all. And this collection of cat products promise to be the investments that do exactly that! They will cater purrfectly to your cat’s every need! Happy kitties guaranteed!

Cats and humans have different needs and both love personal space – so can these two spaces coexist without compromise? InDot Design created a whole modern apartment that revolves around a glass ‘cat cabin’ which is seamlessly integrated into modern interior aesthetics. No more eye-sore cat trees that don’t fit in with your style! The team broke the previous form of partition walls and placed glass boxes in the space to form a spatial field. You can watch your cats while they watch you and both can still have defined boundaries. The cat cabin is like a floating glass box with a circular iron tube as the main support which also serves as a playful element for your pets.

The Cat Chair from Myzoo was designed for the modern home so that your cat can enjoy their own play and rest areas without compromising the interior design of your living room or den. The Cat Chair is a hexagonal piece of furniture where your cat can rest and also explore. Made from pinewood and a high-density sponge, the Cat Chair features a small lower compartment with cubby holes on each side of the stool for cats to slink in and out of as they choose. The lower compartment allows room for the cat to hide away and relax in isolation, while the stool’s sponge cushion provides an open space for the cat to lounge or even sunbathe.

Cat towers have gone through years of transformation now to reach a point where designers believe it’s a market big enough for Tesla to explore. Before Elon Musk takes heed, designers Hyeonji Roh and Yeonhong Kim have conjured up the Model L – a cat tower named after the letter ‘L’ and is inspired by the cat’s tail. Drawing inspiration from the Tesla logo, which designers believe resembles a cat’s nose, this rather unusual cat tower has more to it than a traditional scratching post, perching slot, and a route to it. The Model L is pretty unique in the choice of material and finish. The glossy idea is rare for a product that usually utilizes wood and fabric. Nonetheless, it doesn’t let down on modernism. This tower with Tesla symbolism may not have the customary scratcher, but it gives your cat a high position to perch in when resting.

Designed by Sulakshana S, Rise is a collection of luxury furniture designs…for cats! Yes, there is luxury furniture for our little cats as well now. Created from premium quality maple wood, and textured sisal fabric, the collection was inspired by architectural columns, wooden dowels, soft edges, and simple geometric shapes. And it really shows through in the furniture pieces! The collection consists of five interesting pieces. You have a beautiful light maple wood chair, that functions as a pet-human chair! This basically means your cat and you can lounge about on the same chair, spending quality time without invading each other’s privacy. The lower section functions as a safe space for your cat to rest in! The collection also includes a litter box with an arched roof.

Designed so that cats and humans could co-inhabit the same living spaces, Jiyoung Kim Studio aimed to create Three Poles with durable building materials and sleek color schemes. Constructed from round birch plywood and three metal poles, each scaffold of Three Poles is removable and can be configured between the three poles to create perches for your cat to either rest or play. In tribute to the classic cat tower, which was entirely coated in beige carpeting, Three Poles incorporate plush carpeting on three scaffolds, its base, and scratching post. Then, the additional scaffolds are constructed from birch plywood, supported by three metal poles that are painted the same brown hue as the plywood. One of the scaffolds constitutes a cat bed that can be removed and put on the floor to function as a traditional cat bed for naps after play.

Just the very sight of a cat-tray lifting off its base and rotating 90° to separate the poop from the litter looks like something NASA would design. With a rather space-oriented name, the Pluto Square is a modern, highly engineered cat litter tray that cleans itself after your feline friend does its business. It comes in a neat cube-shaped avatar that collects the waste over time so you need to clean up just once a week, and a minimalist Scandinavian-inspired design that looks good enough to place in any corner of your home.

Cat Is Art has a simple frame, featuring a rectangular box with a right-hand, round window. The wooden box is mounted onto steel beams that wrap around it to acquire a height similar to that of a mid-rise storage cabinet. Designed for both the cat and cat owner, Cat Is Art’s elemental structure reimagines the ways cat furniture fits into modern homes. The top of the playpen features a storage area with an upright lip that protects any objects from falling down as your cat gets bored and looks for things to knock over. Similarly, smaller cat toys can be stored on Cat Is Art’s top lid so that your cat can play inside the pen and on top of it. Only accessible by your cat, the round porthole on Cat Is Art’s right-hand side is petite and offers an easy escape route for when your cat needs some alone time.

Developed specifically for small to medium-sized apartments, Co-Living is a full-body mirror and cat tower combined to become a shared, interactive piece of interior furniture for cats and humans alike. When looking at Co-Living head-on, it appears as just another full-body mirror, but a closer look reveals its multi-functionality. With an arched top and bottom, the mirror stands on one wooden peg in front of Co-Living’s rear cat tower. Constructed vertically, Co-Living is designed to encourage cats’ natural climbing tendencies by incorporating multiple carpeted tiers from which they can hop on and off until reaching the top.

Extending the life cycle of cat accessories, feline furniture design brand Catipilla designed a collection of wall-mounted, sustainable furniture for cats with replaceable components that are built from premium materials to blend in with the rest of your furniture. Catipilla’s furniture collection features pieces like scratching posts, hammocks, and cat climbers, each of which can be mounted onto interior walls. Catipilla designs furniture with quality material to ensure a longer life cycle. Constructed from materials like anodized aluminum and waterproof carpet, each component of their collection is replaceable, adding a degree of durability and insurance to the furniture’s long life cycle. The line of scratchers offers two options: a climber and a scratching post. Differing only in length, the scratching post is shorter in length for cats’ front paws to reach their top.

Featuring concealed storage areas and tucked-away hideouts, Neko Goten was designed on the basis of understanding the behavior of cats with acute attention to what makes them really purr. On the left side, Neko Goten’s staircase brings cats to alternating jumping perches where cats can leapfrog before heading up to the tower’s plastic hemisphere that hovers above the entire play area. Below the staircase, a hideout offers a covert place for cats to rest without bother. Then, the center section of Neko Goten features a hive-like resting area that’s stationed atop a hollowed-out carpeted ring reminiscent of a hamster wheel, where cats can either rest, scratch, or knead until a cat nap’s in order.