These wall-mountable, sustainable cat furniture are designed with replaced materials to last you a lifetime!

The lifecycle of most cat toys isn’t very long. When a cat gets a new stuffed mouse or scratching post, it only takes a couple of days before the scratching post is frayed beyond use and the mouse is missing a limb or two. Despite their short shelf time, cat toys and furniture pieces are chewed on and bitten at by cats like their first meal of the day. Extending the life cycle of cat accessories, feline furniture design brand Catipilla designed a collection of wall-mounted, sustainable furniture for cats with replaceable components that are built from premium materials to blend in with the rest of your furniture.

Catipilla’s furniture collection features pieces like scratching posts, hammocks, and cat climbers, each of which can be mounted onto interior walls. Catipilla designs furniture with quality material to ensure a longer life cycle. Constructed from materials like anodized aluminum and waterproof carpet, each component of their collection is replaceable, adding a degree of durability and insurance to the furniture’s long life cycle. The line of scratchers offers two options: a climber and a scratching post. Differing only in length, the scratching post is shorter in length for cats’ front paws to reach their top. The climber is slightly longer than the post, bringing cats from the floor to wall-mounted resting points.

Comprising hammocks, circus-themed tents, and high plates, Catipilla’s resting points can each be mounted onto interior walls as well, offering cats a hard-to-reach place of respite, far away from the reach of humans. While the hammock and high plates are both fully exposed, the circus-inspired big tent features a semi-enclosed interior space for stealthy cats to keep watch over their territory. The line of cat climbers varies in steps and heights to adapt to your cat’s mobility limits. As cats grow older, their limbs become less agile, requiring a downsize in play furniture. That’s why Catipilla offers every variation from single climbing plates to four-tiered climbing pieces.

Designer: Catipilla

Made from vulcanized fabric, the hammock from Catipilla is tough enough to hold heavier cats and soft enough for them to want to stay.

The circus-themed tent is constructed from faux leather panels and enhanced ABS fixings for a sophisticated, whimsical look that lasts.

Single tread plates offer a safe place of respite for your cats after playtime.

Cat climbers are made from powder-coated aluminum pillars, enhanced ABS treadplate body, and waterproof carpeting.

Reinforced with anodized aluminum, this unbleached South American sisal rope post and climber is entirely safe for your cat to paw at and chew.

Soft, waterproof carpeting line the cat climbers and can be replaced following heavy use.