This self-cleaning cat litter-tray is fancier than the toilet astronauts do their business in…

Just the very sight of a cat-tray lifting off its base and rotating 90° to separate the poop from the litter looks like something NASA would design. With a rather space-oriented name, the Pluto Square is a modern, highly engineered cat litter tray that cleans itself after your feline friend does its business. It comes in a neat cube-shaped avatar that collects the waste over time so you need to clean up just once a week, and a minimalist Scandinavian-inspired design that looks good enough to place in any corner of your home.

Designer: Hae Min Yang

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The way the tray works is a pleasure to look at, barring the fact that you’re watching your cat’s waste get segregated and disposed of. The tray comes with a recessed area for the cat to do its thing, while sensors within the Pluto Cube detect the cat’s presence. Once the cat makes its way off the tray, the tray flips 90°, allowing the waste and kitty litter to fall down.

As the tray tilts, a sieve separates the litter from the waste, storing it in a separate container while your cat’s waste falls directly into the Pluto Square’s inner receptacle. The tray then tilts back to its horizontal position, and the litter automatically scatters back into its original place. There’s a certain undeniable simplicity and elegance to how it automatically segregates and disposes of your pet’s waste.

The litter tray, or rather litter cube, comes very conscientiously designed, balancing usability along with aesthetics. Cats are extremely private creatures, which is why the Pluto Square sports a fold-out hood that creates a private space for your cat while it does its business. The tray sits on top of the cube, and a nifty little stepper allows the cat to climb up and down easily too, while conveniently gathering any litter that may come off the cat’s paws as it makes its way up and down its poo-pedestal.

While most of how the Pluto Square works is automated, the one thing you have to do is dispose of the waste once a week. All the waste gets collected in a concealed chamber, and can be emptied out every couple of days (depending really on how many cats you have). Don’t worry about having to check whether the waste chamber is full or not either – Pluto Square can automatically let you know when it’s running full, among other data-points that make you a more caring cat-owner. Weight-sensor built into the four corners of the Pluto Square weigh your cat when it steps on the tray, while also tracking your pet’s potty schedule and frequency. This data really helps you get an overview of your feline friend’s overall health.

The rather minimal-modern litter cube plugs right into any outlet, requiring a mere 40W of power to operate. It occupies about the same amount of volumetric space as a plastic stepping stool, although it’s visually much more contemporary looking, with its zen-like white body and the splash of home-decor-friendly color when it comes to the tray and the fold-out hood. The tray works with virtually any kind of clumping litter you may have (it works with loose litter too, although clumping litter provides the best results), and it pops right out when you want to hose it down with water every couple of weeks for a cleaning.

Lastly, each Pluto Square comes with its companion app that not only gives you data and alerts regarding your pet’s schedule and health, it lets you remotely clean the tray too by just hitting a button! Cats are pretty self-caring low-maintenance animals, to begin with… Pluto Square makes things just a wee bit easier!

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