This multifunctional cat chair design doubles as a coffee table and keeps your cat off the couch!

The Cat Chair from Myzoo was designed for the modern home so that your cat can enjoy their own play and rest areas without compromising the interior design of your living room or den.

If you’ve ever had a cat, by now you know that your furniture is their furniture. Whether you like it or not, Tu casa es su casa. Providing your cat with its own climbing tower or scratcher usually makes the difference between a clean couch and one covered in fur. Myzoo, a Taiwanese cat furniture brand, revealed their own Cat Chair design that merges practicality with feline comfort to keep the couch fur-free.

The Cat Chair is a hexagonal piece of furniture where your cat can rest and also explore. Made from pinewood and a high-density sponge, the Cat Chair features a small lower compartment with cubby holes on each side of the stool for cats to slink in and out of as they choose. The lower compartment allows room for the cat to hide away and relax in isolation, while the stool’s sponge cushion provides an open space for the cat to lounge or even sunbathe. Cats can weave in and out of the Cat Chair cubby holes or rest atop its sponge cushion. When owners want to join their cats on the floors, the sponge cushion can be removed to become a floor pad.

When positioned together, the hexagonal stools can create labyrinths for cats to explore.

The Cat Chair was designed for the modern home, so the pinewood’s light gradient and the sponge cushion’s powdery fabric can fit into most living spaces, especially the ones with ample natural sunlight. The sponge cushion can even be removed so when you want to join your cat on the floor, you’ll have your own cushioned seat too. The Cat Chair is multifunctional as well, allowing cat owners to use the stool as small coffee tables when not in use. Available with either an optic white or jet black base, the Cat Chair blends into any corner or center space for your cat to lounge and play.

Designer: Myzoo Studio