This palm-sized bike air pump comes with nighttime LED light + automatic tire pressure level detection!

Having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere can be the worst nightmare for motorists. More so, if you are not someone acquainted with swapping the rouge tire with a spare tire. These times call for an air pump that’s super easy to use and carry along. While there are countless such air pumps on the market, how about going even smaller and modern looking? A palm-sized smart air pump to be exact!

Meet the Lingmou intelligent portable air pump designed by Yifanzi J for awkward situations on unknown roads. Keeping in mind that motorists need to keep a check on their vehicle’s air pressure levels in all the tires, the portable air pump is a must-have without any questions. Tire bursts on freeways account for accidents, and no one wants to jeopardize their, as well as other motorist’s lives, do they? This proposed concept design is meant for Generation Z who like things as simple and time-saving as possible – not to forget the styling quotient.

Lingmou comes with a digital display to show the current pressure levels of the tire and a LED light to assist during nighttime tire woes. The air pump comes with intelligent tire pressure management functions and smart settings which fill the air to the exact amount required. When the right pressure level is reached the pump automatically stops the filling process – thereby, saving you from any presumed hassles. For the versatility aspect, the air pump can accommodate multifunctional pipes depending on the need. It can be used to fill the air in basketballs or footballs too – set to the right amount without fail.

The current prototype developed by Yifanzi looks good on all fronts – be it the size, portability aspect, or functionality. For me, the silver lining is the ability to carry it in my backpack or even pocket – as opposed to keeping a bulky air pump in the boot of my car. After all, it is better to have something handy if other motorists also need one –even though I might not be anywhere near my car. Given I could make the switch to this cool automotive accessory is an absolute no-brainer.

Designer: Yifanzi J