Five reasons to Ink Me!

I have always been a stationery fan and have been vocal about it on Yanko Design. Today, I look back upon my favorite muse, the mighty pen in all its innovative avatars. Of course, the credit goes to you designers for thinking out of the box and pushing the envelope on creativity. Just for the sake of integrity and in true spirit of good design, the selection here is based on the highest hits each post got.

The number one spot is claimed by the spiral refill for the pen. Touted to hold more ink than regular refills, I love the ingenuity of the design and all its implications.

It’s hard to miss the humor in the BioErgonomic pen! The structure and design are sexciting!

Multifunctional is the way to go. So imagine a pen and it being a ruler too. One less item to carry in your pencil box!

Love this dropper pen because of its innovativeness; I guess that is why you folks loved it too. This tech pen allows you to pick and drop Apps, text, images and files from one device to another.

Long Tran captures the essence of this design aptly, “I’m not exactly sure why this memo pad comes in the form of a cup disguised as a blended coffee drink but hey, the straw is a pen so I’m sold.”