This cat tower doubles as a vanity area with a full-length mirror to make the most out of small spaces!

The truth is, cats turn every piece of our furniture into their own climbing tower or scratching post, lookout perch, or their personal couch‒ whether we like it or not, what’s ours is theirs. Sometimes it even feels like cats like our furniture more than their own and when we live in small spaces with cats, territory lines do not exist. Piupaw, a furniture brand for cats, created a cat tower called Co-Living with an integrated mirror and additional storage to produce a piece of furniture for humans that’s designed to be pawed and scratched at by cats.

Developed specifically for small to medium-sized apartments, Co-Living is a full-body mirror and cat tower combined to become a shared, interactive piece of interior furniture for cats and humans alike. When looking at Co-Living head-on, it appears as just another full-body mirror, but a closer look reveals its multi-functionality. With an arched top and bottom, the mirror stands on one wooden peg in front of Co-Living’s rear cat tower. Constructed vertically, Co-Living is designed to encourage cats’ natural climbing tendencies by incorporating multiple carpeted tiers from which they can hop on and off until reaching the top. Co-Living’s wide, circular base, allows enough room for both the cat tower and full-body mirror to remain separate so that cats can climb up and down the tower with ease. Reinforced with a 2mm metal pipe, Co-Living’s main pillar remains stable in place and wrapped in sisal, a natural fiber that can be replaced following heavy use.

Cats tend to turn anything and everything into their own plaything or scratching post. Piupaw’s Co-Living ushers in a new form of cat furniture that integrates human needs into its design to ensure friendly cohabitation between cats and their humans. Everything from hidden coat racks and storage shelves to durable fabric to sustain plenty of scratching, Co-Living is mutable and multi-functional by design.

Designer: Piupaw

On one hand, Co-Living functions as a cat’s climbing tower, and on the other, it works as a vanity area for small bedrooms.

Co-Living was specially designed for smaller living spaces.

Tapping into every cats’ playful and curious tendencies, Co-Living incorporates every play thing you can think of to keep cats entertained.

Integrated storage areas and coat racks turn this cat tower into a multi-functional furniture piece.

Every component of Co-Living is connected to ensure stability and safety.