This multi-level cat tower balances the joy of a McDonald’s PlayPlace with interior-friendly aesthetics!

Cat towers have given cats reign over their homes for as long as they’ve been around. Whether they’re draped in plush carpeting or stripped down to a minimal hardwood design, cat towers provide a place for cats to relax and nap the day away or run and play until they’re ready for a nap. Designed by Hitomi Otake, the Neko Goten Cat Tower combines the labyrinth nature of a Mcdonald’s PlayPlace with the artful craftsmanship of a handmade piece of wooden furniture.

Featuring concealed storage areas and tucked-away hideouts, Neko Goten was designed on the basis of understanding the behavior of cats with acute attention to what makes them really purr. On the left side, Neko Goten’s staircase brings cats to alternating jumping perches where cats can leapfrog before heading up to the tower’s plastic hemisphere that hovers above the entire play area. Below the staircase, a hideout offers a covert place for cats to rest without bother. Then, the center section of Neko Goten features a hive-like resting area that’s stationed atop a hollowed-out carpeted ring reminiscent of a hamster wheel, where cats can either rest, scratch, or knead until a cat nap’s in order. Finally, the right side suspends a four-tier platform chain ladder for cats to climb up and down, resting periodically on one of its round bases to perch and observe the goings-on of their home territory.

Constructed with the skills of furniture craftsmen, Neko Goten was built with wood coming from Japan’s Fukui Prefecture. Developed primarily for use in Japan’s rental homes, Neko Goten’s handcrafted design of oakwood and cedarwood fits into public spaces and private homes alike. Once Neko Goten’s large stature wiggles its way into the living room, cats won’t hesitate before clawing away and climbing to the top.

Designer: Hitomi Otake

The cat tower’s center resting place was handcrafted to echo the look and feel of a beehive.

Suspended from the tower’s right-side wing, a four-tier chain ladder allows cats to climb and slink their way up or down, while a carpeted hollowed-out ring provides a scratching post for cats.

Hovering above the entire play area, a plastic, transparent hemisphere provides the coziest resting area for cats to perch and keep a watchful eye over the tower.