Meet the Tesla Model-L, a cat tower with an in-built litter box and green moss for your pet to lounge in futuristic style!

Cat owners know how much their fur babies love towers. These big, sometimes not-so-tall structures benefit cats in several ways. First, they function as a play area and are ideal for scratching, climbing, and lounging. Second, since these appeal to a cat’s instincts, cat towers have gone through years of transformation now to reach a point where designers believe it’s a market big enough for Tesla to explore.

Before Elon Musk takes heed, designers Hyeonji Roh and Yeonhong Kim have conjured up the Model L – a cat tower named after the letter ‘L’ and is inspired by the cat’s tail. Drawing inspiration from the Tesla logo, which designers believe resembles a cat’s nose, this rather unusual cat tower has more to it than a traditional scratching post, perching slot, and a route to it. The Model L is pretty unique in the choice of material and finish. The glossy idea is rare for a product that usually utilizes wood and fabric. Nonetheless, it doesn’t let down on modernism. This tower with Tesla symbolism may not have the customary scratcher, but it gives your cat a high position to perch in when resting.

The design utilizes the entire top to bottom here. The top is where your pet will lounge. When nature calls, the middle section is designed for the pet to do their business, and the section at the bottom is terraformed to grow mosses, viewable through a transparent area in the middle. These mosses form a fascinating bright green carpet to replicate a natural environment for the cats. Given Elon Musk’s design of a flamethrower, I would say a rocket-inspired litter box is an idea that is entirely within the box! But it’s always fun to see the brand’s design approach inspiring designers to create unique products!

Designer: Hyeonji Roh and Yeonhong Kim