This modern apartment has a suspended glass cabin which is goals for cat lovers and their pets!

Cats and humans have different needs and both love personal space – so can these two spaces coexist without compromise? InDot Design created a whole modern apartment that revolves around a glass ‘cat cabin’ which is seamlessly integrated into modern interior aesthetics. No more eye-sore cat trees that don’t fit in with your style! The team broke the previous form of partition walls and placed glass boxes in the space to form a spatial field. You can watch your cats while they watch you and both can still have defined boundaries. The cat cabin is like a floating glass box with a circular iron tube as the main support which also serves as a playful element for your pets.

The CMF of glass, wood, and black accents has been maintained with the cat cabin as well as the house so it all looks like one homogenous, open space. The aesthetics are warm, linear, and clean. “On the plane configuration, the living room and study are open, the yellow block at the rear is the cat house, and the red wall is the workspace of the hostess. Use a couch combined with the cat house; we put a glass suspended space in the space so that the layers overlap. The space also has a different sense of penetration,” explains the team.

The suspended cat cabin is measured in size and a viewing platform is deliberately opened in the window to face the views while the ceiling and side of the box are designed with solid wood grilles which are both light and breathable. It extends from the entrance porch cabinet to the living room cabinet. The open behind the sofa is the study room. The seam on the side of the desk is a space where you can move around. Open the wall of the study room and the guest room to form a back-shaped moving line. It is a field of light and shadow, and it has also become a fuzzy zone of the game of life. This apartment is interior design goal for cat parents, but it is the ultimate cool home for cats

Designer: Zheng Minghui Armin Cheng