This geometric cat den because a modern home deserves modern pet furniture!

Furniture for cats tends to lean toward kitschy. Cat furniture can get away with being bright and quirky when you’ve got the living room to match, but most modern living rooms have moved on from shag carpeting and linoleum floors to area rugs and hardwood. Those faux fur cat towers were cute in the ‘70s, but so were carpeted toilet seat covers. South Korea-based Plenilunio Design Agency decided to ditch the shag and created a piece of cat furniture brand fit for the 21st century, calling it Cat Is Art.

Cat Is Art has a simple frame, featuring a rectangular box with a right-hand, round window. The wooden box is mounted onto steel beams that wrap around it to acquire a height similar to that of a mid-rise storage cabinet. Designed for both the cat and cat owner, Cat Is Art’s elemental structure reimagines the ways cat furniture fits into modern homes. The top of the playpen features a storage area with an upright lip that protects any objects from falling down as your cat gets bored and looks for things to knock over. Similarly, smaller cat toys can be stored on Cat Is Art’s top lid so that your cat can play inside the pen and on top of it. Only accessible by your cat, the round porthole on Cat Is Art’s right-hand side is petite and offers an easy escape route for when your cat needs some alone time.

Designed and built for the modern home, Cat Is Art bridges the gap between furniture for cats and furniture for humans. Conceptualized to operate as a playpen for cats as well as a storage area for the home, Cat Is Art strikes a balance between cat-friendly furniture and interior design.

Designer: Plenilunio Design Agency

Cat Is Art features a round porthole and side entrances for cats to weave in and out of.

From the porthole, cats can keep a close eye on everything.

Clean, geometric lines define Cat Is Art’s structure.

A top lip on the playpen’s roof protects objects from falling over.

Coming in an array of minimalist color schemes, the Cat Is Art piece can adapt to most modern living rooms.