This luxurious pet-friendly furniture collection is designed to be the best investments for your cats!

I truly believe that this is a cat world, and we’re just living in it! If you happen to own a cat or two (just like me), then I know you wholeheartedly agree. Although cats are much pretty self-sufficient, they can tend to be extremely moody and keeping my two fluffy Persian cats content and happy is my life’s mission! I’m always trying to create a comfortable and interactive living space for them – from playful toys to pet-friendly furniture, I’m ready to invest them in all. One such worthy investment is ‘Rise’. Designed by Sulakshana S, Rise is a collection of luxury furniture designs…for cats! Yes, there is luxury furniture for our little cats as well now.

Created from premium quality maple wood, and textured sisal fabric, the collection was inspired by architectural columns, wooden dowels, soft edges, and simple geometric shapes. And it really shows through in the furniture pieces! The collection consists of five interesting pieces. You have a beautiful light maple wood chair, that functions as a pet-human chair! This basically means your cat and you can lounge about on the same chair, spending quality time without invading each other’s privacy. The lower section functions as a safe space for your cat to rest in! The collection also includes a litter box with an arched roof. The upper section consists of columns that provide your cat privacy as he/she carries out their business, and also allows the litter box to integrate with your living space, without actually looking like one! Rise also consists of two cat beds. One is pretty compact and small in size and occupies minimum space. The other one is larger in size and is designed to fit into any corner of your home. It also includes a scratching post. The final design in the collection is a cat climber that also doubles up as a scratching post! The climber keeps your pet engaged, active, and productive! All the scratching posts in the collection are created from sisal. This conditions your pet to only scratch in the designated areas (made from sisal), and not ruin your other furniture pieces!

Rise is a soft and minimal furniture collection that provides your pets immense comfort and a space of their own, while also harmoniously merging with your living space. These exquisitely designed pieces function as creative sculptures that add a touch of simplicity and elegance to your home, while also functionally serving your cats!

Designer: Sulakshana S