Sleek yachts that are redesigning the luxury automotive world

Though I’ve never been on a yacht, one thing is pretty clear – they’re cool as hell! These luxurious vessels are taking over water bodies, and are slowly becoming a preferred means to travel from one destination to another. How exciting would it be to explore beautiful locations in these exotic vehicles? I mean you now have yachts that function as solar-powered floating villas, while some are even inspired by sportscars! The yacht experience has been elevated to a whole ‘nother ball game. And, we’ve curated a collection of the best yachts we’ve come across! From a spaceship-styled yacht to a smartphone-controlled superyacht – this collection of automotive designs will leave you completely impressed, and itching to get aboard one!

1. The Shape

Christened “The Shape” this superyacht breaks all the fundamental rules of sailing and yacht design that we’ve seen so far. It has a gaping hole right in the middle (just like the ones in modern skyscrapers) that serves as the sun deck and a never-before-seen unique visual attraction. How it will address the turbulent seas when the weather is hostile, is a question for another day! The beastly concept is 69 meters long and having a draft of 3.90 meters yacht offers a living area of 35 meters past the void. It has three decks hidden in the colossal structure – the first floor having the suites, the second one being the shared living space, and the command center on the third.

2. The Royal Alpha One

This avant-garde vessel measuring 20 meters in length is all about the luxurious cruising experience for days on end. The supercar-like flowing design is dominated by sharp features and loads of glass surfaces that lend it an ultra-dynamic persona. If you remember the Royal Jet Capsule by the design studio, there is more than one trace of similarity between the two. One cannot deny the spaceship-like character of the yacht highlighted by the private jet-like layout, stylish chairs, couches, and dining area. There are spacious lounge sections on the main deck, and the three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms in the lower living level will make the owners and guests feel right at home.

3. Icaria

The silhouette of the Xenomorph head from the Alien franchise is an apparent relatable element, and the traces of Avanguardia yacht are also evident. So, has the Italy-based design house finally hit saturation with its thinking cap on? Most definitely not, as the 279-foot Icaria vessel hones massive deck space for two helicopters to park and a full-fledged tender garage to house a couple of watercraft, accessible via two foldable doors. The superyacht has an imposing bow followed by a large glass bridge. Icaria is more tailored for explorers who like to tread out into the rough waters. For times when adventure seekers need to relax in the warmth of the sun, there is the gorgeous deck right by the hollowed-out area the designers refer to as “hole deck.”

4. Avanguardia

Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio is known for his unique and extraordinary watercraft creations and this swan-shaped concept yacht called ‘Avanguardia’ tops the list. The name means ‘vanguard’ and it comes from the position of its control tower which is perched like a swan’s head. Can you guess which 1970’s Japanese manga unintentionally inspired this? Avanguardia is subdivided into 5 decks and can fit up to 60 passengers. The  ‘swan head’ is the control tower that is used to maneuver this 137-meter long, almost outrageous, yacht. Another interesting feature about the control tower is that it can detach from the ‘neck’ and transform itself into an auxiliary 16-meter boat. When in motion, the mobile control tower can adjust Avanguardia’s position by lowering itself right into the center of the yacht.

5. The Tecnomar

The Tecnomar pulls inspiration directly from the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37’s design details (the two even feature together in the video). Outwardly, it’s pretty easy to draw parallels between a car and yacht, simply because they both need to be incredibly aerodynamic and streamlined, but the Tecnomar manages to do so much more to look the part (apart from the angular bodywork, of course). Take for instance the Y-shaped headlights, a detail that’s directly taken from Lamborghini’s playbook (remember the Terzo Millennio), or the zig-zag stepping on the rear of the yacht that’s inspired by the rear profile of the Aventador.

6. Unique 71

Lazzarini Design Studio has displayed its concept superyacht designing prowess countless times in the past with no propitious match that comes close to theirs. That is set to be challenged for once with the SkyStyle’s iteration of a stylized yacht for the rich and famous, designed in close quarters with Dension Yachting. The result of perfect harmony in thoughts between Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo, the founders of Denison Yachting and SkyStyle respectively, this sharp-featured water vessel is luxury personified to the brim. According to Denison’s Alex Clarke, “Unique 71 aims to satisfy the most challenging client.  The challenge will be finding a shipyard that can understand this vision and the client’s goals.”

7. Drakkar S

The designer has created the blueprint of the 85-foot superyacht dubbed Drakkar S inspired by the ye olde Viking longships, which’s perfect for newbie sailors who would rather prefer the autonomous luxury of a vessel. To make self-propelling possible, Drakkar S is infused with advanced autopilot and artificial intelligence systems for smart navigation – detecting any underwater obstacles or even estimating the ideal distance for mooring. Even more so, it can be controlled with a smartphone app – that just sets the tone for a future Apple yacht in Silver or even the Space Grey colors.

8. Saturnia

Elegantly named ‘Saturnia’, this conceptual superyacht is designed to be made entirely with dry carbon fiber structures that will make it 50% lighter than similar-sized vessels and push the top speed up to 30 knots! Saturnia’s main body is subdivided into five floors with an additional area at the top for the antennas. The superyacht can be configured into different layouts to host 10-20 guests in suites along with 20 crew members while also serving as a floating seaport. The concept showcases an all-around walkable deck area with openings on both sides that lift up to reveal the private port which makes Saturnia stand out from the competition. Small tenders with up to 1.5 meters of the draft can moor inside the private port or be easily loaded while the yacht is navigating making it the perfect cruise vessel with the added expansion.

9. The Lazzarini GTM

Delivering to the desirous a notion of how a Ferrari would look like on the water, the Lazzarini GTM doesn’t give out the car it may be based on but does replete the Prancing Horse DNA without a doubt. The two companies have not collaborated on the design, so you cannot earmark this one as official, but the concept has a design worth seeing the light of the day someday. Beyond the inspired look, the Gran Turismo Mediterranea is an 88-foot, sporty yacht, made using the Ferrari-favored carbon fiber. Undeniably Ferrari for the seas, this design renders appears with a Ferrari badge on the front, gullwing doors, and a cabin that welcomes the owner and crew into a sportscar-esque cockpit that ensures you don’t feel any difference from the Italian stallion’s driver seat to the pilot seat of this hyper yacht.

10. SeaJet

The concept christened SeaJet is a hyper-fast transportation yacht that’s encapsulated in a sense of style and luxury – affluent travelers will take a keen interest in it. This watercraft would be stored in a superyacht and is designed to haul around 50 passengers from one location to the other for short travels. Much like the Xenos hyper yacht and the Jet Capsule, this one being 23 meters in length is bigger than the Jet Capsule and smaller than Xenos- suggesting a fleet of hyper watercraft in the making for a profound travel experience on the seas.