20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

I’ve been itchin’ to use that cliche title for ages! Feels good to get that off my chest. I digress, the AQUA is obviously a submersible but one designed for exploration, fun, and possible a future when humans live in the oceans! This single-occupancy craft sails both on and under water using all the normal submersible tech like air to control buoyancy.

Aerodynamics Hydrodynamics are a priority so thanks to our friends the dolphins, AQUA will have you chasing deep ocean waves just like flipper without all the drag. Fun aside, do you think humans will eventually inhibit the deep oceans? Will personal submersibles provide the mode of transportation for future oceanic super highways?

Designers: Sungchul Yang & Woonghee Han


  • pketh says:

    The more I look at it, the more I see that there’s something really beautiful about the design. I love it!

  • visitor says:

    Aerodynamics? Wouldn’t a submarine be all about hydrodynamics?

  • zippyflounder says:

    well with 2 motors you dont need a rudder, you do however need some bow mounted dive fins for pitch control. I see a huge sliding canopy, so I am going to assume its a wet sub (where the driver is wet, not in a sea level pressure)because it would only be safe on a wet sub. The primary reason is water pressure would reqire a astronomical amout of power to move even jst 32 feet under the surface. A wet sub wont require a balast control, they are nutral boyant, so just piviot the motors for aft pitch and turn and a set of bow fins for pitch assist.

    • VoReason says:

      Actually its a three motor design. The ballast tank controls buoyancy, the main motor controls speed, the rudder controls yaw, and from the looks of the circular things on the two side engines, it appears to have a hinge that allows the circles to move up and down (i.e. “|” -> “\” or “/”) so that would control pitch and yaw depending on what direction you vented the water in.

      As for the sliding door, there would be no reason to open it under water. As long as it was structurally sound, which the design is egg shaped so that helps to a degree, it actually could be air tight. There would have to be a depth that it could not go below but we aren’t talking about a deep ocean submersible like Alvin.

      • VoReason says:

        “that would control pitch and yaw depending on what direction you vented the water in.”

        Sorry, make that pitch and ROLL

      • zippyflounder says:

        umm escape comes to mind, nothing like being trapped in a blue casket. The rudder is hardly up to the task for a sub (0-6 knots) hence the universal use of directed thrust for yaw (at the minimum)control. I see no balast that is dropable in a emergancy, so its HAS to be a wetsub.

  • Mike says:

    Yeah if it becomes nonfunctional you’re trapped, however the two engines do rotate up and down. The sliding door is not ment to be opened underwater(with air inside). And the ballast tanks are necessary to stay buoyant under water. If it WAS a wetsub it would have to have some air tanks to fill the ballast. It does need some work, for example, weights that drop off or something along that nature for emergency use.

  • joe bob says:

    i was trying to reseach the book and i came across this and was happaly distracted

  • doruk says:

    The cabin needs to be larger for huge people. I imagine myself as driving this… It might be painful for my legs 🙂 Anyway I loved the design.

  • stephen russell says:

    Love to add this to any Yacht aside for Chartering & Renting with SeaDoo.
    Places to Rent:
    HI, Mexico, Caribbean, Red Sea, Med Sea, Australia alone.
    Be neat
    Need 2-4 person model.
    Add another azipod screw aft.
    Extend range.

    & other Apps:
    Oceanic surveys
    Marine studies
    Sub Rescue- IF in shallow depths
    Fisheries use
    Marine studies
    Lay sensors
    Racer- see Seaquest DSV TV episode.

    Extend depth to 200 ft & range 100 miles?
    Speed 45 knots cruise, 70 Flank,.
    & towable on Trailer
    & launched by
    Crane winch into Sea

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the door?

  • Dar says:

    Pretty cool and useful too! Can't imagine how much more we'll know about the deep blue.
    How far down can you go?

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