This sleek superyacht with its hollowed out center challenges and revolutionizes the luxury automotive world

Yachts are a synonym with luxury and flight of the fancy, and this incredible-looking concept yacht is all of that with something special that has never been seen in the past. A large void right in the middle just like a hole in the needle.

Lazzarini Design is known for its eccentric future-forward creations, superyachts in particular. Founder Pierpaolo Lazzarini pushes the envelope of design, modeling, and engineering with every concept design of his – the latest one being right up there with his best concept ideations. Christened “The Shape” this superyacht breaks all the fundamental rules of sailing and yacht design that we’ve seen so far. It has a gaping hole right in the middle (just like the ones in modern skyscrapers) that serves as the sun deck and a never-before-seen unique visual attraction. How it will address the turbulent seas when the weather is hostile, is a question for another day!

The beastly concept is 69 meters long and having a draft of 3.90 meters yacht offers a living area of 35 meters past the void. It has three decks hidden in the colossal structure – the first floor having the suites, the second one being the shared living space, and the command center on the third. There will be three small pools on the aft deck and a normal-sized beach club if ever it makes it to the real world. Just above the gaping hole is the glass-bottom swimming pool which will be another eye-popping lure on-board.

There’s not much space to give the yacht enough room for things like a big nightclub, cinema room or an expansive gym – but then the huge deck could be used for socializing or enjoying the open view on a sun-baked day or starry night. The Italian design studio doesn’t provide much information on the propulsion system but we assume it is going to be a hybrid propulsion system that is in part powered by the solar panels on the sundeck.

Everything said “The Shape” superyacht will be the preferred toy for billionaires who want to enjoy the calm waters with their close ones. A machine that is good-looking and made for magazine covers – the perfect recipe for people who like to be in the spotlight of things!

Designer: Lazzarini Design