Peugeot’s E-Legend concept is peak Retrofuturism

Looking at the E-Legend right beside its visual ancestor, the 504, you’d say that there’s no doubt that both of them belong to the same family. They both manifest the ‘pony car’ aesthetic too well, and there are undeniable similarities in the silhouette, the color, and in the nature of the headlights an taillights… but the E-Legend undeniably manages to look like the 504 stayed the same, yet got a distinctly modern touch.

The E-Legend concept from French automotive company Peugeot is an exercise in what we call Retrofuturism. The car looks strangely antiquated yet contemporary both at the same time… which is a good look to embody, just because it satisfies both purists and neophiles.

The concept car comes with headlights that almost rip your soul apart (I detect a Mustang vibe), and an electric build that’s capable of 456 horsepower and a head-spinning 590 foot-pounds of torque. The car can pull off a 0 to62 in under 4 seconds, with a top speed of 137mph. Peugeot also boasts of a 373 mile range on the battery, with a whopping 311 miles with just a 25-minute charge. Needless to say, with that performance and those looks, I’m VERY pleased.

Designer: Peugeot