This smartphone controlled superyacht is the Tesla of oceans

We are slowly but steadily heading towards a future where autonomous commuting will be mainstream, and honestly, as someone who does not drive (yes, believe it) I cannot wait for that day to come sooner. Virtually everything from cars, heavy-duty vehicles, EVTOL’s and public transport are being tested for commercially feasible self-driving features. So why not have a luxurious vessel on the water that takes you to your dream destination just with your smartphone? Naval designer Max Zhivov thinks that a yacht designed to be completely autonomous – controlled smartly with your phone sailing on the serene waters to the best adventures life can offer.

The designer has created the blueprint of the 85-foot superyacht dubbed Drakkar S inspired by the ye olde Viking longships, which’s perfect for newbie sailors who would rather prefer the autonomous luxury of a vessel. To make the self-propelling possible, Drakkar S is infused with advanced autopilot and artificial intelligence system for smart navigation – detecting any underwater obstacles or even estimating the ideal distance for mooring. Even more so, it can be controlled with a smartphone app – that just sets the tone for a future Apple yacht in Silver or even the Space Grey colours. Max envisions it to be a charter service too, as the user would request the vessel at the desired location and after authentication with the compatible app, just setting the destination will set it on an autonomous sail. Drakkar S will be emission-free and noiseless thanks to the advanced electric motor being fed by the energy stored via the 80-square-meter of solar panel array on the roof. Indeed the ideal way to explore the hidden corners of this beautiful planet without harming the environment in any way.

On the inside, the yacht will leave nothing to be desired as it has a big beach club aft, a spacious dining salon, two master suites, two guest cabins, and a sumptuous kitchen. A perfect home away from home for up to eight guests. To make things a bit more comfortable and luxurious, the roof on top of the dining salon opens up like a cabriolet for the guests to enjoy the warmth of the sun or the mesmerizing night sky. It has to be said that this smartphone-controlled yacht is the one to have for a 21st century Viking, sailing the oceans to destination unknown.

Designer: Max Zhivov