This swanky hot rod got the looks to kill with a powerful heart beating under its hood

If you’ve got a thing for hot rods, then this muscular roadster will be the fresh pipedream you wish somehow makes it into reality. Automotive giants need to realize how badly we need such hot rods to be widely available in the market.

Modifying a roadster car for better performance, or as I should say “automobile of 1948 or earlier that has undergone some modernization to the engine, transmission, interior, or anything else” – in line with the National Street Rod Association’s definition, is a hot rod. The trend of hot rod cars sprung up in America when classic or even modern four-wheelers underwent a metamorphosis with large engines optimized for speed. No doubt motorheads would give anything to own a hot rod, isn’t it true?

Designer: Kevin Kaufhold

My love with hot rod cars evoked from my childhood days, playing around with Hot Wheels cars that were my priced possessions, way beyond any other toy. This concept hot rod dubbed Fratoria instantly evoked the good old memories, and I felt the urge to express my emotions. It looks to be based on the most famous hot rod choice for tuners – yes, I’m talking about the Ford Model T. Preserving the classic character of the iconic four-wheeler, but giving it a very measured modern look, the designer creates a worthy wallpaper racer, shining in its metallic silver and grey combo.

The big rear exhaust has the typical Batmobile feels, and the livery all over the body makes it ready for a WRC Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. The hot rod assumes a belligerent stance from the front, while the side profile has the classic long-bodied form. The driver’s cockpit is reinforced with structurally strong yet lightweight material just in case the car goes for a tumble off the road. Overall, the details of this beautiful roadster are well crafted and radiate a powerful presence on the road.