Lazzarini Design’s spaceship-styled yacht holds a panoramic rooftop jacuzzi

Italian designs studio Lazzarini Design is at it again with yet another eye-popping water vessel challenging the limits of design that could well be the future of leisure in premium style. Meet the Royal Alpha One yacht that’ll instantly appeal to the fat-pocketed oligarchs, since it is meant for pure indulgence at sea. Even better, the hull is ready for construction for buyers, with an estimated time of 16 months to completion.

The avant-garde vessel measuring 20 meters in length is all about the luxurious cruising experience for days on end. The supercar-like flowing design is dominated by sharp features and loads of glass surfaces that lend it an ultra-dynamic persona. If you remember the Royal Jet Capsule by the design studio, there is more than one trace of similarity between the two. One cannot deny the spaceship-like character of the yacht highlighted by the private jet-like layout, stylish chairs, couches and dining area. There are spacious lounge sections on the main deck, and the three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms in the lower living level will make the owners and guests feel right at home.

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio

That’s only the usual bit of this $4 million vessel – highlight here is the swanky panoramic jacuzzi paired with a large sunbed. For most this will be the favorite spot on this yacht to soak up the sun and surrounding views of the seas. Nature lovers can also soak in the natural beauty on the rear section of the vessel where the open space hones a retractable swim pool platform. The carbon-fiber structure on all sides is complemented by the large glass surfaces, so you’ll get breathtaking views even when in the cozy confines of the yacht.

Of course, a yacht is no fun without the water toys, so the Royal Jet Capsule houses them in the dedicated spacious garage. The yacht is proposed to get a twin/triple Volvo propulsion system which will propel it to a top speed of around 32 – 42 knots. Buyers can also customize it to have full electric sailing, powered by hydrogen. The electric propulsion model will have a range of 120 miles whereas the diesel-powered counterpart gets 680 miles on a full tank.

For now, the Italian design studio has constructed the hull of the yacht with the superstructure to follow soon. The pace at which they have taken things forward in the development of the real version shows their confidence in the design, so rich brats better keep an eye on this one.