This hyper yacht is set to redefine transport with its unique joining feature, allowing you make one big vessel

Lazzarini Design Studio has become a name synonym with winning concept designs, and Itlay-based Pierpaolo Lazzarini has proved their mettle in the past. Now, yet another watercraft concept has got me excited for its prospect of solving real-world transportation woes.

The concept christened SeaJet is a hyper-fast transportation yacht that’s encapsulated in a sense of style and luxury – affluent travelers will take a keen interest in. This watercraft would be stored in a superyacht and is designed to haul around 50 passengers from one location to the other for short travels. Much like the Xenos hyper yacht and the Jet Capsule, this one being 23 meters in length is bigger than the Jet Capsule and smaller than Xenos- suggesting a fleet of hyper watercraft in the making for a profound travel experience on the seas.

Lazzarini Design says the vessel is inspired by aircraft design but the implementation for propulsion comes from train applications. That’s because multiple SeaJet units will be able to connect like a train via the Swivel Neutral Assisted Kinetic Enforcing (S.N.A.K.E.) system for synchronous movement. The solar panels on top of the transparent roof will offer more light on the inside for passengers. Moving on, the SeaJet propels forward with the power of twin 1200 hp engines, and according to Pierpaolo will come in a V-hull boat configuration or a more powerful hydrofoil setup having a jet engine. The top speed of 69 knots for the hydrofoil version will not affect the ride comfort as it will stay stable even in rough waters.

The interior of the hyper-vessel will be more flamboyant than an aircraft and adapt a train coach-like setup. Comfortable seating and airy interiors will dominate the travel experience onboard the SeaJet. Much like a bullet train traveling at break-neck speeds to transport passengers to their destination!

Designer: Lazzarini Design