This futuristic superyacht doubles up as a floating seaport for other boats & costs $300 million!

Remember that swan-shaped megayacht that was costing $500,000,000 to make? Well, Lazzarini Design Studio is here to wow us again with this 328-foot long (100-meter) superyacht that also doubles up as a private seaport for smaller boats! Elegantly named ‘Saturnia’, this conceptual superyacht is designed to be made entirely with dry carbon fiber structures that will make it 50% lighter than similar-sized vessels and push the top speed up to 30 knots!

Saturnia’s main body is subdivided into five floors with an additional area at the top for the antennas. The superyacht can be configured into different layouts to host 10-20 guests in suites along with 20 crew members while also serving as a floating seaport. The concept showcases an all-around walkable deck area with openings on both sides that lift up to reveal the private port which makes Saturnia stand out from the competition. Small tenders with up to 1.5 meters of draft can moor inside the private port or be easily loaded while the yacht is navigating making it the perfect cruise vessel with the added expansion.

The superyacht’s upper part of the openings extends into glass-bottomed decks which takes infinity pools to a whole new level. Inside the centrally-located private port, there are large sliding windows that maximize views by increasing the visual connection to the outdoors. Even the side openings can extend from the upper deck into glass-bottomed lounge areas that add to more visual spatial expansion and creates a flow for guests even if they are on different levels.

Designed with hybrid propulsion, Saturnia is fitted with twin-side diesel engines and a central electronic water jet system that will push the superyacht with zero emissions. The Lazzarini team estimates the building cost to be roughly around $300,000,000 USD and the time it’ll take to bring Saturnia to life to be about 30 months!

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio