This transparent pop-topper camper’s panoramic windows lets you experience the majestic outdoors

If you also think pop-up pickup toppers are beginning to look pretty much the same, this unique offering by Rossmönster will change your opinion, urging you to go for this amazing hard-wall topper as opposed to choosing another one.

The pop-topper camper market is growing at a good pace as adventure junkies like the core idea of this clever design. Colorado-based Rossmönster Overland impressed hardcore travelers with the Ford F-150-based Baja and now they’ve set the stakes high with the Lagom Series. The go-anywhere camper has plenty of space and the silver lining is its floor-to-ceiling transparent panels for uninterrupted panoramic views to experience nature like never before. This luxury comes courtesy of the aluminum walls of the Lagom topper which folds down flat when in the driving mode. When it reaches the campsite, this setup can be deployed in mere seconds.

Designer: Rossmönster

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Lagom series is compatible with smaller pickup trucks like Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator – making them compete against Hiatus who offer fabric construction as compared to the folding hard walls of this creation. The folding central supports on the front and rear sides have the swing down windows that hang on to the ceiling when moving up or down. So, the occupants have a bed-to-ceiling view that most campers will appreciate. If you’re skeptical about privacy, the topper comes with window covers. The upper walls are upholstered to keep the space warm and comfortable which all goes well for camping in any kind of environment.

Other than this niche design, the interior is quite minimalistic to permit easy access to the pickup bed for carrying along the adventure gear. Interested buyers can also opt for the Goal Zero Yeti 1500 portable electrical system paired with 200 watts of solar charging system. The Lagom Series base model is priced at $14,000, and the one with the aforementioned electrical system goes for $17,000. In addition to this, Rossmönster is offering an additional $4,000 Expedition Pack complete with roof rails, outside ladder, front LED light bar and MOLLE panels. Lagom weighs around 350 – 400 lbs depending on the truck and its bed size, and also the additional chosen options.

For ones who are already excited by the prospects, the Lagom is compatible with 5–6-foot bed Tacomas (2016 or later models), Jeep Gladiator models and the Ford F150 with 6.5 beds (2015 – 202 models). In the future, Rossmönster promises to bring support for more trucks.