This superyacht with a gaping void in the middle is built for exploration in style

Could yachts in the future with gaping holes be the next big trend? If we are to believe what Lazzarini Design Studio has conceptualized in the past, and with this sleek piece of creation- the answer will be a resounding, yes! For the blueprint of their latest concept yacht, the design studio adapts the flair of the Shape yacht but with certain distinctions that make it stand out from the rest.

The silhouette of the Xenomorph head from the Alien franchise is an apparent relatable element, and the traces of Avanguardia yacht are also evident. So, has the Italy-based design house finally hit saturation with its thinking cap on? Most definitely not, as the 279-foot Icaria vessel hones massive deck space for two helicopters to park and a full-fledged tender garage to house a couple of watercrafts, accessible via two foldable doors. The superyacht has an imposing bow followed by a large glass bridge. Icaria is more tailored for explorers who like to tread out into the rough waters. For times when adventure seekers need to relax in the warmth of the sun, there is the gorgeous deck right by the hollowed-out area the designers refer to as “hole deck.”

This unique needle’s eye-like area is for the clients to customize as per their liking. It could be used as a dining section, a lounging area, or a cool open club like none other on the face of the planet.  By default, Lazzarini Design Studio wants to offer it as a flamboyant bar since the beam is almost 49 feet tall. As opposed to the Shape, the design studio hasn’t detailed in on the propulsion system of the Icaria superyacht. A wise guess would be, it also runs on the hydrogen-powered guts. Any which way, if this yacht meets fruition sometime in the future, it’ll be a head-turner for sure!

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio