Most Buzzed Designs of July 2019

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in July 2019.

The Shilda building uses the thermal mass of the soil to moderate the internal temperature, where the wine is stored, served and tasted.

The Bugatti Type 103 with a wider base, the grill goes from horse-shoe to practically a parabola shape, almost giving the car a discernible grumpy-face.

The iPhone XI has three independent lenses now reside on the rear of the device, creating the most versatile and immersive photography experience of any phone.

Designed to be the world’s first portable bidet, Sonny is practically the size and shape of a baton, and can be stored anywhere or carried around with you.

The rice is not boiled or heated from the bottom, instead it is blasted with steam (120°C) and this ensures that the rice is cooked in minutes.

The FUELL Fluid E-bike designed by legendary motorcyclist engineer Erik Buell comes with an exceptional 125 mile/200 km range.

The Mygdal light is a completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow-undisturbed.

Nick Baker’s work is a testament to the fact that inspiration is everywhere!

A modular dog lead that hopes to make the leash a lot more comfortable both the pet and the pet owner.

Its cocoon-esque design covers your sides and your top, blocking not just vision but also absorbing audio, leaving you in a tranquil bubble as you sleep, read, or work.

Pegboard office setup by Tomek Koszyk.