A modular dog leash that is actually pet-friendly

Unless you are a dog owner, you really don’t care about advancements in dog leash-design, and understandably so. For most of us, it’s just a lead that you hook your pet on, and take them out for a walk. In reality, dogs find leads very uncomfortable and folks like me melt when we have to maneuver them on the streets – it just feels very restraining. The Nestle Purina Lead is a modular lead that hopes to make the leash a lot more comfortable both the pet and the pet owner.

Crafted from stainless steel, the lead features a quick-release system, that allows you to open up the loop in a jiffy. Anchor it around a pole and then open the T connection or slide it along the rope, to increase or decrease the size of the loop.

This premium looking lead also comes with a running grip crafted from silicone molding, so that you can use it with ease when you run with your pet.

Designer: Sam Weise for Purina