Is this the next iPhone XI

Occasionally we come across a concept that forces us to second guess the authenticity of it. This was certainly the case with this picture-perfect design.

This prediction of what the next flagship phone from Apple could be looked convincingly realistic and it certainly highlights the strength of the company’s brand DNA. So, what new features does this iPhone XI concept bring to the table? The most significant of all is the leap forward in photographic capabilities; three independent lenses now reside on the rear of the device, creating the most versatile and immersive photography experience of any phone. What else is good about the camera? Well, as the linear camera spans the width of the device, it eradicates that undesirable wobble that we have been forced to become accustomed to!

It wouldn’t be a plausible iPhone concept without careful attention being paid to the subtle details and finish of the device; for the XI this comes in the form of San Francisco fog- a subdued shade of gold that complements the bead-blasted aluminum.

Designer: Philip Goolkasian


Not one, not two, but 3 independent lenses – creating the most versatile and immerse photography experience of any phone. And with the added room in the camera bar, additional dot projectors and proximity sensors enable even more photography and AR control.

Materials – San Francisco Fog

iPhone’s surface is reimagined with sandblasted glass – presenting a foggy, frosted quality that complements bead blasted aluminum, and protects against thumbprints and surface blemishes.

The Bump

Tap anywhere you want. The linear camera design makes it possible to tap any corner of the screen while your phone stays perfectly in place.