The Bugatti Type 103 concept has a Bugatti front and a Batmobile rear

The soul of a Bugatti definitely resides within this concept by Invisive. Its stylings are a lot like a modern-day Chiron, with the slick horizontal headlights and the signature C-cut on the car’s rear pillar. However, the Type 103 really turns things up a notch with its horse-shoe grill at the front. With a wider base, the grill goes from horse-shoe to practically a parabola shape, almost giving the car a discernible grumpy-face. I imagine if a magnificent car like the Bugatti Type 103 was stuck in traffic, it would have a grumpy-face too. The grille on the front is quite sloped too, resulting in an overhang on the front that’s relatively large, but makes the car look longer, along with a back that absolutely looks Batmobile-ish with surfaces trailing off backwards to make the car look like a motion-blur even when it’s standing still. It also has a centrally located vertical tail-light/aerowing better visible in the top-view that reinforces that Batmobile image, almost looking like the car has a tiny afterburner on its back like a jet.

The objective was to take Bugatti’s C-series and toy with the curves and surfaces, amping the design up while sticking to Bugatti’s design heritage as much as possible. Designed, modeled, and rendered over a week-long project timeline, the Type 103 could stand right beside the rest of Bugatti’s cars and nobody would be able to tell original from fan-made concept. In all ways, it captures the natural progression of the Bugatti series, down to the iconic design details and color choices, to even the surfacing and photo-realistic rendering. I’ll give the exaggerated rear a pass, just because it looks so incredible I want it to be true!

Designer: Invisive