Meet Duet, an innovative, futuristic cleaning tool that isn’t robotic

Cleaning is still one of those things that humans are vastly better at than machines. Find me one machine that can mop floors, move sofas to clean behind them, pick stuff off the floor and put them either back where they belong, or in the waste-bin, notice and remove cobwebs, and most importantly… navigate up and down a flight of stairs. It therefore makes much more sense to build better cleaning tools for humans first, before focusing on building better cleaning robots. If we use that lens to look at real innovation, Duet is far more advanced than your Roomba.

Designed as this all-encompassing floor cleaning tool, the Duet lets you sweep, mop (both wet and dry), collect, and discard all your dust and dirt with one single cleaning instrument. The Duet’s broom comes with a dual-sided design, featuring a microfiber mop on one edge for collecting dust particles, and bristles on another side, allowing you to simply turn the broom around to sweep/maneuver larger pieces of debris into Duet’s dust-collecting tray. The tray’s highlight is its self-cleaning chamber that automatically cleans the mop head, pulling stubborn stuff like hairballs off the mop, effectively cleaning it without you needing to get your hands dirty.

Duet’s all-in-one design aims at tackling the need to buy/own/use multiple cleaning tools to get the job done. Designed to work as a broom, a wet mop, dry mop, and even a polishing cloth, Duet’s interchangeable heads are easy to swap, allowing you to effectively use one tool to sweep, mop, and buff your floor. It’s flip-to-sweep design allows you to mop the floor, then instantly sweep all the debris and dust you collected into the collection tray. The product’s user experience was aimed at making sure you don’t need to A. switch between tools, B. get your hands dirty, or C. bend over to collect the dirt. Duet works easily with wet and dry dirt, and for stuff its innovative cleaning-chamber can’t handle, all of Duet’s interchangeable heads are machine-washable. When all’s said and done, the Duet stands vertically in your closet, occupying a fraction of the space you’d otherwise need to store a broom, wet mop, dry mop, dust-pan, vacuum cleaner, and that Roomba you bought but can’t realistically use all the time.

Designer: Viviana Herrera

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $60 (50% off).

Duet All in One System

Design and performance meet to deliver the most effective way to clean your homes floors, removing dirt, allergens, human and pet hair. The Duet lets you sweep, mop (both wet and dry), collect, and discard all your dust and dirt with one single cleaning instrument.

Why You Need The Duet All in One System

Using a microfiber dust mop or a swiffer, then having to go grab a regular sweeping broom and a dustpan or a vacuum to collect the larger debris left behind. Not to mention what’s still stuck on the cleaning pad or if using a swiffer, well those non biodegradable clothes end up in the trash and in our landfills. Duet solves all those issues, saving you time, effort and expense, while being an Eco friendly product in more than one way.

Watch how Duet all in one system works.

Product Details

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $60 (50% off).