Two fans are better than one

The wall of impending summer heat as you depart from the pleasant climate of an air conditioned building is enough to put even the most determined of shoppers from venturing outside. However, with the accompaniment of a portable fan, the summer air is a little more tolerable! As its name would suggest, the Twin Fan brings twice the cooling capabilities as the regular hand-held cooling device; the incorporation of two micro-fans allows the device to carry a compact and easily-transportable form without causing the function of the device to be compromised.

Its rounded structure and carefully considered placement of the single button makes this device a joy to hold within the hands, as well as providing it with a soft and visually friendly aesthetic that provides a welcoming, yet strong, presence.

Designer: Seungho Choi of 250 Design

Ergonomic Design

With a width of 58mm and a thickness of 21mm, it fits comfortably in one hand. The button is located just where the thumb can comfortably rest, and the rounded bottom offers a stable grip.

Smooth & Strong Design

The design of the Twin Fan presents a strong, yet soft impression via the combination of the roundness and the edge. The handle and the overall look emphasize the roundness, giving softness, while the grill pattern highlights the edge, providing a strong look.

The cradle emphasizes the Twin Fan’s unique round design through its transparent material, and the applied wave patterns at the top surface provide a fun, classy look.

Below: Development Process

Through numerous simulation tests employing world’s best ANSYS aerodynamic program, as well as wing mock-up tests, the Twin Fan’s optimized wings were created. The small wings have maximized wind efficiency and minimized energy consumption.

The circulator wing design and the strong winds of 10W pass through the oblique circulator grill, creating winds with strong directionality.

Lengthening the depth of the side grill increases the wind power and creates winds with strong directionality. The curvy design provides a robust and strong look.

Maximum wind speed of 20.3km/h. The oblique whirlwind grill pattern and circulator wind collecting method create strong and full winds. You can feel the strong winds at a close distance, and softer winds at far distance. Using the ANSYS Discovery Program, the Twin Fan’s optimal values are simulated by aerodynamic calculation.

We found the Twin Fan’s optimal values through numerous wing sample tests, handle grip tests, and wing pattern tests.

We came up with the design after confirming the interior specs found via test results. After numerous revisions in the design, today’s Twin Fan was born.

Three mock-up tests are done for assembly, and the mold was made after reliability verification. The mold was created at a primary molding factory with high professionalism and reliability.

Through a total of 6 interior/exterior mold revisions and test injections, we gained reliability and heightened quality. The circuit was increased in its efficiency in heating, battery stability, and energy efficiency through 4 sample tests.

Below: One-fan/Two-fan Mode Change

When pressing the button for 3 seconds, the bottom fan will operate. In a one-fan mode, the usage time doubles compared to that of two-fan mode.

When canceling one-fan mode, you can press the button for 3 seconds. Two-fan mode allows for fuller winds.