This dial slices time to defy the traditional time telling methods!

What I loved about Tian is the idea behind its creation – the designer wanted to make a watch that encouraged you to slow down your everyday life. Can you imagine a watch that does not silently nag you about hurrying up with its tick-tock? Well, Tian is just that, it stands out because it is a watch without the classic watch hands! Tian comes in monochrome and a color variation, it works on the Japanese Miyota movement.

Tian is a Germany-based brand with an ‘about story’ that will warm your hearts. The owner came across an old watch that belonged to his father but it was too small to fit him so he began a quest to find one in his size. After an extensive Google search, he found out that the company that made those watches was only in business for two years and that inspired him to start his own line of watches and that is how Tian was born. It was inspired by that original brand from the 70s and carried their legacy of revolutionizing time while taking off the pressure.

What is interesting is the way you read the time on this watch – it is anything but conventional! To tell time, you must look through the opening of the black disc which is actually moving. When you see one full color, that signifies the completion of a whole hour. Every color also has three lines at an interval of 15 minutes each. You’ll also notice that the markings are at 2 o’clock and 6 o’clock which is another feature that truly makes Tian one of a kind. Tian is also water-resistant (3 ATM) and its dial is encased in stainless steel with mineral glass. To complete the emotional circle of this watch’s story, Tian’s owner also donates a part of these profits to his best friend in Africa in a bid to improve lives and sustainability within the less fortunate communities. It is always the right time to do good things.

Designer: Tian Watches

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