From eccentric to downright ingenious, Nicholas Baker’s chair designs will surely inspire you to create

Every product design lover must have come across this rapid sketch along with a video of ingenious chair designs, with concepts that make you think anything in the range from ‘why didn’t I think of that’ to ‘I wish I could own that chair!’ These design creations are the work of Mr. Nicholas Baker, a designer who has gathered a devout following on Instagram with his innovative sketches.  Looking at it closely, Baker’s work is also a testament to the fact that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look! So scroll down, have a look and get inspired to create some innovative designs of your own!

This fun concrete/metal chair created for a workshop at Purdue IDSA commemorates the 100th chair sketch created by Baker 

Molded ply chair with a puzzle piece ottoman for the times you need to put your leg up

A totally yummy doughnut inspired chair with frosting that doubles as legs for the perfect dorm room addition

A greenhouse chair for all your succulents adding functionality while creating a spot of brightness to your room!

Concrete mold chair, pour some in, let it dry, and tilt the mold back. Adding that orange backrest gives it the perfect construction vibe

A fun little playground rocking chair

Evoke nostalgia with this Lincoln log vibes chair

Herb garden chair for the budding gardener

Get away from your open office with this little nook chair for the times you need some alone time

A Christmas themed chair with the legs doubling as a sleigh

Inspired by the Brooklyn Museum archive which houses stacks of beautiful furniture behind glass creating quite a juxtaposition of objects meant to be used but framed as art. Nick designed a protective glass chair for those who own but don’t want to sit on their precious collectible items!