Peugeot XB1

It’s 2025. Cities have outgrown themselves, shifting mobility as we know it. Public transportation is more efficient than ever (ok, maybe it’s 2225), but car use is limited to long distance travel outside urban districts. Q: How do you make those short distance travels that are too long to walk? A: The Peugeot XB1. Ok, so it might just be hypothetical, but can we start getting ready, please? If for nothing else, just so we can zip around town on this cute, human size, wheeled exoskeleton reminiscent of Johnny-5?

The fully electric Peugeot XB1 was designed for premium services in a big society. It features a user-friendly interface, GPS integration, smart phone applications, and a top speed of 35 km/hr.

Designers: Thierry Fischer, Kevin Biolluz, Karim Bennani and Frederic La Sciellour