Porsche-inspired automotive designs that exhibit ingenious design, artistry + killer speed

Companies like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti have reached iconic status when it comes to luxury Automotives! Their cars are specimens of ingenious design backed by menacing speed. However, there’s something about the Porsche automobiles that gets my heart thumping just a little more. Porsche cars are high on utility, performance, speed, and craftsmanship, and not to mention they even exhibit a level of artistry. Automobile fanatics and designers clammer at the release of a fresh and fierce Porsche design, and in the anticipation of one, they often find themselves inspired and engaged! The result is a plethora of innovative and jaw-dropping concept designs. And here we’ve collected the best of these Porsche-inspired concepts for you. You would love to actually see them on the road, I’m sure!

1. The Porsche Amenoi concept

The Porsche Amenoi concept – Le Mans edition by Dong Joo KIM envisages cocooning the riders in ultra-comfort in times where level 5 autonomous driving will be very common. This will give the travelers maximum leverage to utilize this time for inner exploration and complete liberation of mind, body and soul. This Porsche of some time in the distant future uses wind energy to power the motor, as the boosters in the front vent soak up ambient air and direct it towards the advanced windmill generator rear.

2. Khyzyl Saleem VW Beetle x Porsche 911 GT3 concept

This new upbeat Beetle now has a much lower ride height and the sleek elements borrowed over from the Porsche add the zing. Just pop some attention at those front splitter, side mirrors, tail fenders, rear diffusers and the sharper lights. Khyzyl put in a lot of effort shaping the side body from the front and rear to achieve a flowing look that doesn’t seem out of place. Hop on those Rotiform BTL rims with the sporty Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and this concept car is all dressed up to set the city streets on fire.

3. The Porsche Neuro

Meet the Porsche Neuro, a radical racecar imagined for an era of metaverses, space-travel, cyborgs, and advanced tech. Quite unlike any car I’ve ever seen (including even the futuristic concepts), the Neuro’s body is divided into three parts – an exterior protective shell, an inner structure that morphs to make the car more aerodynamic, and an egg-shaped interior cabin that sits within the car as a tertiary unit, serving as the cockpit. Moreover, the cockpit is an entirely enclosed structure that provides the driver with a narrow view of what’s in front… so the Neuro also comes with a pair of camera-equipped drones that sit inside the car’s body, popping out and driving right behind the car to live stream a third-person view to the driver, allowing them to effectively choose between first and third-person driving.

4. Porsche open-wheel concept

Passionate automotive design student Jan Bendixen relives that golden era of Porsche open-wheel racers with his modern interpretation that’s purely magnetic. The concept renderings here of the Porsche open-wheel racing car is in fact Jan’s internship project done at Porsche’s Designstudio in Weissach. So a very good probability you might get the traces of the design elements in future Porsche designs or even better, a similar-looking open-wheel racer. According to him, the idea was to create a “tiny E-Fuel driven formula car for Porsche.” The final 4-cylinder boxer engine-powered car came out to have minimal aerodynamic drag and lightweight credentials.

5. Gentile’s 930 RESTOMODO

Gentile’s 930 RESTOMODO mainly retains the overall iconic design with a few key changes. For starters, those headlights look positively steampunk-ish, with the horizontal LED strips sitting inside the car’s circular headlight enclosure. The headlights take away Porsche’s otherwise playful expression, making it slightly discerning, almost like the cars squinting at you and sizing you up. Gentile’s design efforts are also visible around the front and rear bumpers. The redesigned bumpers actually blend well into the 930’s form, unlike in the original, which almost always came with a black strip running across the bumper on the front and back, with the indicators fitted in. Gentile’s bumpers look like a part of the car’s design and are entirely the same color as the rest of the car.

6. Porsche GTE concept

The wide stance of the Porsche GTE here, conceptualized by Sreenath Sundaram is a perfect example of concept 3D modeling done right. The inspiration comes from the hugely popular Porsche 917 (Le Mans winner in 1970 and 1971) which has been the design inspiration for other concept cars as well. The reason, the man maximum – machine minimum philosophy that’s been strong at Porsche all these years. The Porsche 917 is the ideal icon of that vision, and so is this creation. This concept follows an eye-like design on all fronts – the core design, exterior form, and interior form. The warm expression of a hug on the front section radiates a friendly charisma.

7. The Porsche Exclusive GT

The Porsche Exclusive GT started as Zakharov’s MA Thesis project and gradually evolved into one of the most futuristic Porsche designs I’ve seen in a while. The Exclusive GT ups the aggression with its sinewy, muscular form that’s visible around the wheels with elevated fenders and rear quarter panels that almost make it look like the car’s crouching. Given that the car’s required to deliver a lifetime of peak performance, the Exclusive GT comes with exaggerated air intakes around the front that result in floating headlights… a detail that slightly resembles Porsche’s Mission E, but with a more dominating presence.

8. The Porsche 911 Bullfrog

The Porsche 911 Bullfrog by Alexander Prime borrows from one of the largest, most dominating animals in the frog family. In fact, look carefully and its black front literally looks like a frog’s face. Designed as a prototype for the Le Mans 24 hour race, and to celebrate Porsche’s stunning record of being present at every Le Mans race ever held and dominating most of them, the 911 Bullfrog captures the essence of the brand while still retaining the ability to look muscular and menacing. “With its oval headlights, the new generation continued to reflect the traditional 911 design. The new 911 is the sum of its predecessors: The silhouette: iconic. The design: timeless. The technology: inspired by great racing victories”, says Alexander, the designer behind the 911 Bullfrog concept.

9. The Porsche 907 Spyder Revival

If you’re getting strong Eva (from Wall-E) vibes, you’re not the only one. The Porsche 907 Spyder Revival evokes that sort of feeling given the way it absolutely embraces clean surfaces along with the absence of color-segmentation, part-segmentation, and even the limited use of grilles and parting lines. The car’s appearance (which is an homage to the 907 Spyder racecar) is ghostly, with its incredibly sleek white surface that transitions seamlessly from bumper to spoiler, with barely a headlight or air intake breaking its overall surface. The headlights, in fact, come hidden beneath a white cover, which appears opaque externally, but allows light from the headlamps to pass through when powered on.

10. The Turbo Study

The Turbo Study wearing the Wolf Blue skin is more on the touring vehicle genre thanks to the rear-wheel drive and suspension tuning. There’s the option of all-wheel-drive, and either way it gets a six-speed manual gearbox. The engine on this one is a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged one with bespoke air-to-water intercoolers, found inside the inlet plenums. The car churns out 450 horsepower, and the owners can enhance that value further with customization. The functionality, luxury and comfort take precedence here with inclusions like rear wiper, electrically heated seats, air conditioning, cruise control, integrated wireless charger, and navigation system.