This Porsche 911 concept uses nature-inspired design to look menacing

Nature is filled with billions of inspiration sources, from form design to CMF, from natural characteristics to animal behavior. Pick up the right source of inspiration and you can piggy-back on millennia of evolution that has given a particular animal a trait of dominance. In fact, there’s a beautiful video from VOX that explains how nature acts as a designer’s biggest and most valuable encyclopedia.

Companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mustang, and Porsche make the famous use of dominating animals in their logos, but this Porsche 911 concept’s design takes things a bit further by being directly inspired by an animal. The Porsche 911 Bullfrog by Alexander Prime borrows from one of the largest, most dominating animals in the frog family. In fact, look carefully and its black front literally looks like a frog’s face.

Designed as a prototype for the Le Mans 24 hour race, and to celebrate Porsche’s stunning record of being present at every Le Mans race ever held and dominating most of them, the 911 Bullfrog captures the essence of the brand while still retaining the ability to look muscular and menacing. “With its oval headlights, the new generation continued to reflect the traditional 911 design. The new 911 is the sum of its predecessors: The silhouette: iconic. The design: timeless. The technology: inspired by great racing victories”, says Alexander, the designer behind the 911 Bullfrog concept.

Designer: Alexander Prime