The Porsche 907 Spyder Revival concept redefines the term ‘sleek’

If you’re getting strong Eva (from Wall-E) vibes, you’re not the only one. The Porsche 907 Spyder Revival evokes that sort of feeling given the way it absolutely embraces clean surfaces along with the absence of color-segmentation, part-segmentation, and even the limited use of grilles and parting lines. The car’s appearance (which is an homage to the 907 Spyder racecar) is ghostly, with its incredibly sleek white surface that transitions seamlessly from bumper to spoiler, with barely a headlight or air-intake breaking its overall surface.

The headlights, in fact, come hidden beneath a white cover, which appears opaque externally, but allows light from the headlamps to pass through when powered on. The only discernible air intake can be found before the rear wheel, and the car, which comes with a single-seater open cockpit, doesn’t even have doors. Just hop into the car (which is especially easy considering its ridiculously low ground clearance) and give it a drive.

The car’s interiors and dashboard are just as minimal as its exteriors. The dash sports a black and white Stormtrooper-inspired color combination, with a speckled CMF board, and RealCloth-inspired interiors… features that hardcore designers will definitely appreciate… you know, aside from the 907 Spyder Revival Concept’s outer aesthetic, which has an incredibly eye-catching, smooth, porcelain-like quality to it.

Designer: Abraham Chacko