This hyper-realistic Porsche powered by wind energy has an ultra-comfy lounge interior

A Porsche Le Mans concept powered by sustainable wind energy that encapsulates the two riders in the ultimate comfort and visual environment for deep relaxation.

Increased exposure to technology is eventually leading to more interaction with gadgets, thereby decreasing our sleep quota and increasing unrest. Not only that, this is leading to worrying exposure to heart diseases, diabetes, frequent anxiety episodes, depression and impaired cognition. So why not foresee a future where your luxurious and powerful car can be your sanctuary for profound relaxation? A space where all your body pain and muscle tension are taken care of.

Designer: Dong Joo KIM

The Porsche Amenoi concept – Le Mans edition by Dong Joo KIM envisages cocooning the riders in ultra-comfort in times where level 5 autonomous driving will be very common. This will give the travelers maximum leverage to utilize this time for inner exploration and complete liberation of mind, body and soul. This Porsche of some time in the distant future uses wind energy to power the motor, as the boosters in the front vent soak up ambient air and direct it towards the advanced windmill generator rear. To produce the proposed 1000 HP the four-wheeler capable of reaching speed well over 350 km/h in Sky Hyper Wing mode is fitted with an aircraft-grade diffuser.  As sci-fi as it may seem, we’ll eventually manifest methods to harness the purest form of energy on the planet to propel performance-oriented vehicles too.

On the outside, the Amenoi looks like any futuristic Hypercar ready for a Cyberpunk-like future thanks to its dynamic rear section that comes alive while charging. The inside is what makes this concept interesting though. The focus is on creating the right ambiance visually and an immersive lounge seating for the feeling of weightlessness. The former is achieved with flowing patterns of the infrared light which also doubles as warm and refreshing therapy for healing. The two occupants will get the luxury of the liquid seats which can almost be considered a comfy bed in a completely relaxed position. The liquid seat takes up the shape of the body for absolute comfort which is unique for a vehicle!