This Porsche open wheel concept brings back the craft of racing to the eco-conscious world

A Porsche racing car tailormade for young racers to hone their skills at the very basic level, along with the go-karting drills. The designer envisions a future where the open racing cars will replace the Porsche Supercup, prior to the Formula-1 extravaganza.

Porsche carries the crown of being one of the most iconic automotive brands in the last century or so. The German luxury and high-performance sports car manufacturer based in Stuttgart has Volkswagen AG as the current owner – but the core values of the brand haven’t been tampered with. The single-seated Porsche 804 and Porsche 718 racing car for the Formula One championship are great examples of the German brand’s growth curve all these years.

Passionate automotive design student Jan Bendixen relives that golden era of Porsche open-wheel racers with his modern interpretation that’s purely magnetic. The concept renderings here of the Porsche open-wheel racing car is in fact Jan’s internship project done at Porsche’s Designstudio in Weissach. So a very good probability you might get the traces of the design elements in future Porsche designs or even better, a similar-looking open-wheel racer. According to him, the idea was to create a “tiny E-Fuel driven formula car for Porsche.” The final 4 cylinder boxer engine-powered car came out to have minimal aerodynamic drag, lightweight credentials.

This Porsche concept is highlighted by clean, flowing lines that give it a unified dimension. The classic open-wheel racing character is pretty evident in the very low center of gravity dimensions – hug very close to the tarmac. The car is only going to be limited to race tracks and the cockpit positioning suggests that. Modern interpretation comes in the form of the black and silver combo skin – giving it a great sense of depth and contrasting muscular aesthetics. Match that with the uber-cool wet of wheels and this Porsche racing concept is ready to take on any challenge.

Taking a cue from the Porsche Supercup, the open racing wheel series will use 100% carbon neutral E-Fuel for a new era of green and sustainable motorsport racing. Formula-1 is also headed in the clean fuel direction by the way. This way, Porsche will acquire fresh talent straight from karting and lower racing series. Then polish their racing craft and give them the opportunity to move to the big league of advanced racing series – the likes of F1, WRC, or World Endurance Championship.

Designer: Jan Bendixen