Meet the Porsche GTE grand tourer – a supercar even Ferrari fans would drool over!

This Porsche two-seater grand tourer is a supercar designed for the thrill of speed with a stylish character that reflects the driver’s personality, and a ride that carries a lot of history in its origins.

Only a few can compare to the pure design language of Porsche, and giving it an elegant interpretation is no ordinary feat. So much history and sense of responsibility are associated with legendary brands like Porsche that designers have to tread with caution when creating their own versions inspired by them. Such is the magnetism of this luxury grand tourer that draws one towards its voluptuous contoured shape – highlighted by a sweeping silhouette encapsulating the car.

The wide stance of the Porsche GTE here, conceptualized by Sreenath Sundaram is a perfect example of concept 3D modeling done right. The inspiration comes from the hugely popular Porsche 917 (Le Mans winner in 1970 and 1971) which has been the design inspiration for other concept cars as well. The reason, the man maximum – machine minimum philosophy that’s been strong at Porsche all these years. The Porsche 917 is the ideal icon of that vision, and so is this creation.

This concept follows an eye-like design on all fronts – the core design, exterior form, and interior form. The warm expression of a hug on the front section radiates a friendly charisma. On the rear, the car’s design is characterized by converging muscular surfaces towards the end. The motive is to have an elegant surface transition from rear wheel arches to the tail. The interior follows suit with a spindle that evolves to create a dual lounge-inspired seating arrangement connected at the center.

The result, a grand tourer with a smooth surface transition on the haunches and clean reflections. The Gull-winged doors and the mighty diffusers further reinforce its stance. At one point in time, I even mistook this one for a Ferrari supercar – the widebody stance and the front section being the reason. Would Porsche want to go this way in the future? Why not, it looks absolutely gorgeous, ready for a spin on the freeways!

Designer: Sreenath Sundaram