Apple supercar concept with a distinct Audi and Lamborghini-inspired design is the EV we absolutely need

I’m waving my Apple Card at the screen but I can’t seem to get it to take my money.

Meet the Apple iCar, a conceptual automobile from the mind of Ukraine-based Echo Studio. Created as an entry for the Motion Design Contest, the concept explores what it would be like for Apple to launch a high-end electric supercar that stands out even against other EV stalwarts like Tesla and Polestar.

Designer: Echo Studio

We’ve seen a lot of Apple Car concepts over the past couple of years, but nothing quite like this one right here. While other cars were mainly focused on creating automobiles that ‘looked’ like a part of Apple’s product family, the iCar is just a phenomenally designed automobile that happens to have the Apple logo on it. There aren’t any MacBook references, cheesegrater grilles, iPhone notches, or lightning ports. It’s just a great-looking car. Perhaps the “best car Apple has ever made”.

The vehicle has a rather luxurious supercar-inspired appeal to it. I see a little bit of the Audi R8 and the lesser-known Lamborghini Asterion in the iCar. The vehicle has an aggressive, speedy silhouette, a rounded back, and some beautifully designed headlights and taillights. There’s obviously an Apple logo on the front, but each wheel sports some drop-dead gorgeous rims with Apple logos on them too.

A little Porsche, a little Audi, and definitely a little Lamborghini in the way this rear form was sculpted.

Do the rims cost extra? Probably!

For Echo Studio, the Apple iCar was just a part of their broader vision for the Apple experience. Below, the studio even designed the entire car-browsing/shopping experience for the iPhone, allowing you to see it in VR, choose paint colors, and even pick the wheels of your choice.