When the vintage Volvo 240 merged with a winter family cabin…

Attention all automobile fanatics…and design enthusiasts! If your love for automobiles and architecture have never met before, well they have now in Chris Labrooy’s Winter Cabin. Labrooy wedged the classic Volvo 240 into a quintessential cabin. The Volvo 240 was a vintage wonder, though long and slow, it was considered the ideal family car. Honest and dependable, the 1974’s car became a member of a number of households.

Hence it’s no surprise that Labrooy merged it with an adorable little red and white cabin, perfect for those family getaways during the winter vacations. However, Labrooy’s version of the car comprises of two Volvo 240s combined together, creating an inverted mirror image. Slide the structure into a cabin, and you have a quirky architectural concept perfect for all those vintage automobile lovers, who want to take a trip down memory lane!

To be honest, the car merges effortlessly with the cabin, like a match made in heaven, there’s something intriguing about it no doubt, but also something very natural. This is one concept that could transform into an exciting yet simple architectural reality!

Designer: Chris Labrooy