This concept Porsche was designed to be the last car you’d ever need to buy

The brief behind Ilya Zakharov’s Porsche Exclusive GT is simple. Make the car less of an impulse buy and more of a consciously purchased product you’ll own and cherish forever. The car is beautiful, no doubt, but its beauty is backed by the fact that Zakharov hopes it’ll serve a lifetime – with insides that are built to last years without going obsolete, and with an outer aesthetic that looks so cutting edge, it won’t ever age.

The Porsche Exclusive GT started as Zakharov’s MA Thesis project and gradually evolved into one of the most futuristic Porsche designs I’ve seen in a while. The Exclusive GT ups the aggression with its sinewy, muscular form that’s visible around the wheels with elevated fenders and rear quarter panels that almost make it look like the car’s crouching. Given that the car’s required to deliver a lifetime of peak performance, the Exclusive GT comes with exaggerated air intakes around the front that result in floating headlights… a detail that slightly resembles Porsche’s Mission E, but with a more dominating presence. The design extends to the back too, with a linear tail-light surrounded by a set of outlets for the air to pass through as the Exclusive GT cuts through time and space. The car sports a carbon-fiber body (you’ll notice the texture in the render right away), which probably indicates at a future where the composite material’s more widely present, along with rear-facing cameras for side-mirrors, another future-friendly detail. It’s safe to assume that the Porsche Exclusive GT concept is electric too, following the Taycan, and seats up to 4 people in its relatively small, yet extremely captivating design.

Designer: Ilya Zakharov