Sleek + modern scooter designs to effortlessly zip around your city

I, honestly, find scooters super cool! They are easy to ride, compact, and also pretty approachable! Weaving through traffic is super easy with them, letting you finally bid adieu to traffic jams. And since they’re usually electric, you’re also automatically cutting down on fossil-fuel consumption, and being a major support to planet Earth, if you choose to ride them. In an ode to scooters and their immense functionality, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and nifty scooter designs that seem to be slowly taking over the automotive industry. From an electric scooter that folds down to half the size of a conventional kick scooter to a shape-shifting electric scooter – these scooter designs are all you need to effortlessly zip around in your city!

1. Smacircle

Rice Mak conceptualized Smacircle, an electric scooter that folds down to half the size of a traditional scooter so you’ll always have a ride as you make your way through the city. According to Mak, Smacircle solves the “last kilometer” problem of most crowded cities. While subways cover the majority of urban areas, the distance between each stop is at least one to two kilometers, which means your destination is likely one to two kilometers away from each subway stop. Smacircle is an electric scooter that can fold down to a size you’ll feel comfortable with bringing onto the subway and then once you’re out, you can zoom in the bike lane for your destination.

2. The Zipper electric scooter

The Zipper electric scooter checks most of the checkboxes when one considers the ease of riding a scooter, fold it down when not needed, and is compact enough to store it after use. This urban ride gets a 500W motor that takes it to a top speed of 20 mph and is capable of pushing it up inclined roads with a 25-degree slope. It can haul a rider weighing up to 125 kg, so most people are good to go. The scooter comes with a maximum range of 16 miles on a single charge which fills the 10Ah battery in approximately four hours.

3. The EXT E-Kick Scooter

The EXT E-Kick Scooter by Dailyn Kim is the perfect example of an electric kick scooter done right. The reason – there are countless kick scooter ideas already on the market and this one brings a new dimension of riding. The EXT is designed keeping in mind the flexibility to switch between short and longboard modes. Apparently, the shortboard configuration on a kick scooter enhances speed and performance for power users, while the longboard form supports comfort and balance.

4. The TAITO

Designed to be the more ‘grown-up’ alternative to most last-mile solutions like hoverboards and scooters, the TAITO has a stable 3-wheeled design, an IP55 water-resistant construction, a reimagined shock-absorbing platform, and a 30km range, all packaged within a lightweight 16kg (35 lbs) body that will make you want to ditch your e-bike for commuting within the city. Made to handle more than last-mile commutes, the TAITO can travel over distances of 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) on a full charge.


This rental scooter dubbed YETTIE impresses on the first look for its sharp balanced design which seems tailor-made for city riding needs. The big chunky tires (by a kick scooter’s standards) make sure the rider is confident of taking turns at respectable speeds or driving during rainy days too. The essence of the design is its Sin City 2077 panache which Roman explicitly highlights in the renderings. For sure it has got to have a Cyberpunk 2077 influence – at least those LED lights and the flowing motifs on the inside lining of the front tires suggest the fact.

6. Avci’s electric scooter

Designer Fatih Avci conceptualized a foldable electric scooter for city residents, equipped with a swivel front wheel, smartphone holder, and a place to store your goods. While the e-scooters’ lightweight design and slim nature make them a convenient choice, storing them can complicate things. Solving this, designer Fatih Avci conceptualized a foldable electric scooter that’s equipped with a swivel front wheel and hook for storing items like groceries.

7. Mopet

Mopet was primarily designed as a means for city residents to bring along their little pups on trips that would be too far for smaller dogs. Since safety is the number one priority when considering modes of pet-friendly transportation, Mopet is equipped with plenty of safety features. Users can turn on the e-bike’s high beam LEDs when riding at night to make their e-bike and little dog visible to oncoming traffic.

8. e-Tron

When it comes to production, performance, and style, Audi is consistently top-rated, which could explain the inspiration behind Kim’s e-Tron design. His interpretation of the e-scooter resembles the cool metallic finish we expect from Audi models, sporting a smooth, glacier-gray coating for the scooter’s bar and exterior deck. The deck is equipped with a non-slip, black, rubber-treaded grip so that while you’re coasting down the boulevard, your feet can stay firmly planted. You’ll find the electric scooter’s accelerating buttons on its handlebar, which is wrapped in a thin and smooth silicone grip for steady balance, without any moisture absorption. The scooter’s electronic display gleams front and center on the scooter’s handlebar. There, you can read the time of day, along with the e-Tron’s battery levels and changing riding speed.

9. Mjotim

Mjotim, from Yifeeling Design Lab, was produced in order to meet today’s technological standards while paying tribute to the earliest forms of motorized scooters. Adhering to the typical structure of the scooter, Mjotim was designed to be ridden standing up, with the vehicle’s motor encased inside and gear information outside of the steering column, along with two handlebars, which are primarily used for steering. Mjotim does its expected job of getting riders from Point A to Point B and it looks good while doing it. With burnt natural leather accenting emblematic retro color schemes.

10. Mercedes-Benz’s e-scooter

Mercedes-Benz has launched this EV in collaboration with a Swiss scooter specialist, Micro, to make this e-scooter sleek, strong, and efficient. It features an electric motor with a maximum 500 W power which allows the scooter to accelerate to a speed of 20 km/h (permitted in Germany) while the 7.8 Ah battery gives a range of up to 25 kilometers. This lets users travel with speed, comfort, and security. The kickboard is wide enough to have plenty of room for both feel and has a non-slip coating for more stability. The e-scooter has front + rear suspension and comes with 20 cm diameter rubber wheels that effortlessly handle uneven surfaces like cobblestones making it ideal for short urban commutes.