Shape-shifting electric kick scooter gets short and longboard configuration in one design

Inspired by the skateboards and concept cars, this hybrid e-kick scooter adopts a future-facing design to shape-shift wheelbase depending on the needs of the rider.

Kick scooters have now been the more trendy and sensible option to commute in the cities. So have been the skateboards which can be seen in every corner owing to their cool factor and flexibility to not only ride the roads but also the pavements or stair rails depending on the user’s skill level. So why not combine the best of both worlds and create a kick scooter that has the bright prospect of making it to the consumer market?

Designer: Dailyn Kim

The EXT E-Kick Scooter by Dailyn Kim is the perfect example of an electric kick scooter done right. The reason – there are countless kick scooter ideas already on the market and this one brings a new dimension of riding. The EXT is designed keeping in mind the flexibility to switch between short and longboard modes. Apparently, the shortboard configuration on a kick scooter enhances speed and performance for power users, while the longboard form supports comfort and balance.

Delightfully, the EXT E-Kick Scooter can do both thanks to its extendable wheelbase that can make the quick switch between the short and longboard configuration to support both the riding modes. This is done by the extendable and retracting wheelbase which alters the length by 3 inches. The deck extends above the rear wheel which essentially creates a wheelbase to slide easily. There are no complex mechanisms that pose a challenge to the function of the electric kickboard, and that’s big merit here.

Dailyn creates a deck with an arc and patterned grip for a more comfortable stance while riding. The ease of use extends to the driving aid in the form of a thumb throttle and brake. There’s a dynamic touchscreen to keep the rider abreast with all the information such as current speed, battery charge levels, listening to music, and navigation aid for snaking through the dense suburbs. The rims get a reflective pattern for visibility to other motorists in the nighttime.